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We help you to finally drag knee

You give everything, but you still can’t get your knee down on the ground?! This is your opportunity to learn it with the Superbike-Coach! Knee dragging is the most exciting thing, and it gives you the self-confidence you are looking for. Don’t wait… we only have one Knee Down event per year!

DSCF6915Don’t think it is just a question about the “right” equipment… it isn’t. Actually, it’s possible with nearly every motorcycle. Where do you want to learn it? Alone on a race track, just to find out that you feel scared, too fast, and lost in between faster bikes and riders? Or on the road, where it is too dangerous, and tight?  No… you need a safe environment, lot’s of like-minded riders around you, and a Coach who knows what he is talking about.

What you are going to get:

  • Safe environment
  • Legal knee dragging
  • Lots of time to learn it
  • Pro coaching
  • Ability to learn on your own bike and on our easy to handle bike.
  • Pressure free and like-minded students
  • Class duration about 6-7 hours


Your travel to take this class is too long to bring your bike?- Are you anxious to damage your own bike?- Maybe you're thinking your bike can't make the stunt?... Whatever it is... we can help you out. Rent one of our pool bikes for only $250 which comes with race tires. Click to request a rental bike

Sign up fee $139

Check here for available dates and sign up for $139

Check for available group classes and sign up

By this way… most wheelie course students also signing up for our fabulous Wheelie Course to extend the fun and learning.

I’ll give you the key to the Ferrari… you’re turning it!- Coach Can Akkaya, Knee Down class

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Extend the fun and combine your Knee Down class with our popular Wheelie Course the next day (you can add it in this register process).

>>> Course related bike products

- Knee Pucks/protect (Order today), - ReplayXD ActionCam (Order today)

>>> Goodies by our sponsors

As a Superbike-Coach student, you’ll have access to discounts which are donated by our Sponsors and Partners. Go on their websites to check exactly what you want. Come back to us, and we make it happen:


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