Cornering School Day Sept 7th rescheduled to Sep 28th

This is about the Cornering School Day (Sep 7th). Unfortunately we have to reschedule this event to this new date:  September 28th 2014

Students who already booked will be transferred to the Sep 28th list of course. Luckily there is plenty of time to flick things around to plan things. We’re expecting that also this Cornering School Day will be sold out, so sign up soon.

Headcoach Can


Why I Consider Rider Education In California A Joke – Part 1/3

Straight out: I consider the general motorcycle rider education- at least in California, nothing else as a joke. Though, my guess is that the situation isn’t much better in other states. First of- my knowledge comes from teaching thousands of students on the track and street- asking pretty much each of them from who- and where they learned from. I’ll give you some ‘pictures’ according to what I’ve seen where their level at:

There was a 17 year old new rider in one of me ‘Cornering School Day‘ classes and he was taught by “the” certified institution for motorcycle drivers licenses what ‘Trail Braking’ is. Quote: “’s applying the rear brake by being on the throttle while entering a turn“.  I have no name for that kind of “made-up”- but theories…

  1. No clue theory:  “The” certified institution has no idea what Trail Braking actually is, and just made this up… or
  2. No resources theory:  They actually know why the best riders on this planet are doing it- but can’t teach it… or
  3. Marketing theory (my favorite): They figured that the Trail Braking process involves front brake usage while entering a turn is actually a conflict to their certified curriculum- to stay away from the front brake doing any leaning.  The goal… in order to “sell” to the people that they do “teach” Trail Braking, and to have an effective Google key word driving traffic to their website… they just made their version of Trail Braking up

There was that 65 years old Lady who reached retirement and bought a brand new motorcycle to finally live her dream.  She called me to teach her to

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Cornering School Day 6/15/ rescheduled

Hello Students,

I am sorry but I have to reschedule your Cornering School Day which was scheduled for 6/15/2014.

After a track inspection this morning I decided to reschedule the Sunday class for safety reasons. I am as disappointed as you guys are, because I love this class.

Don’t worry… neither your payment or coaching spot is gone- we’re just waiting for a new date from the track owner. So it’ll be that new date- or you pick any other Cornering School Day we have scheduled.

However, your Cornering School Day will be perfect with lots of fun and learning… promise!

Best regards,

Coach Can

Huge succeed rate of 80%

Knee Down & Wheelie Course at Stockton

The knee down and Wheelie classes last Saturday and Sunday (May 17 and 18) was a blast.  We had students coming over from D.C., Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, and from all over California.  All of them hard workers and no quitters- which I really appreciated the most.

Knee Down

That this class is more than just to drag the knee should be logic.  Of course there is more to know and to work on to get the job done.  To do this on public roads would be against the law and common sense- as well as our believes- so the environment we at Superbike-Coach are using since 3 years now is just perfect.


The morning began as usual with a warm welcome and introduction. After a short briefing we went for a track walk, where we was talking about a big subject… the ideal line.  After this, the students were ready to roll out to learn the track. Pretty much ever Read more

Knee Down class on May 17th Sold Out!

Also the Knee Down class on May 17th is sold out now!

Put you name on the waiting list- or save a spot for the  Knee Down Class on October 11th.