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Day 3 rescheduled to 1/12/2020

The Cornering Day 3 class for Sunday has been rescheduled again to 1/12/2020. Naturally there are openings now, so if you are a day 2 grad or you are booked to a other day 3 class… we can just move your booking there if you like.

What is Off-Riding Season?!

Another year went by- quicker as ever.  But what would you think where it might goes when you’ve booked up all classes in the previous year already? Not much further you’d say, but we did.                     All classes in 2019 have been booked up, plus the […]

Getting Lost in Electronic Riding Aids

I remember testing one of the first Traction Control systems coming out, and it was horrible. Back then, a TC prevented any rear wheel spin immediately. Not in a smooth way, but almost like a light-switch type shut off. That might have helped a less experienced rider, but for those who operating the throttle on […]