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Sometimes it comes back…

…those memories of my time as a racer- but do I really want this?! Please don’t get this ‘self-asked-question’ wrong… because heck, I don’t want to loose those memories, and if I had the chance to do this all over… I probably would. But here and there are popping up some pics, videos or even […]

CSD-3: Reschedule to 9/20/ (UPDATED)

OK folks, after evaluating the headcount for the CSD-3 class on 8/9/ I have to transfer all bookings to the scheduled CSD-3 on 9/20/, which is going to happen by 100%. CSD-3 on 9/20/ is a guarantee- promise. Thx for understanding, Can Akkaya   Superbike-Coach Corp. www.superbike-coach.com

Free Coach Seminar

Spend a nice evening with Coach Can at Black Bear Diner and listen to his favorite subject “What’s between those ears”. Come to meet the Woman On Wheels chapter (www.goldcountryriders.com) meet up event: Black Bear Diner at 2700 El Centro Road, Sacramento, CA 95833 Date: 6/16/2015 Time: 7:00pm