Most riders have no idea about suspensions

You don’t want to be like them? Change it and get to know about the subject with this class. Available for motorcyclists in all categories, from tourers to racers. There are no tricks or secrets involved, just basic knowledge and logic. Everybody has their own preferences. Can´s experiences as a pro racer and test rider will give you the advantage to know what you have to do, and how you can make your motorcycle better. But better doesn’t just mean only faster:

  • Faster corner speedssetting

  • Reduced tire wear

  • Safer riding

  • Better comfort

  • More enjoyable riding

  • More tire grip

  • Way to perfection

  • Confidence riding

Therefore, this Setup Course is not restricted for sport riders, but it is also beneficial for commuter, travelers and cruiser riders. Realize, that the success of adjusting your suspension, steering and tire pressure, affects mainly your motorcycle, but could also change your thinking about riding a motorcycle – whether on the track or on the road. mc_cartridge_kit

This course is more of a seminar than a workshop. Depending on the numbers of participants, you’ll be 2 hours on the road with Can. You will learn what it means to work out an individual setup and in step-by-step-lessons between “riding and clicking” in wonderful locations in the Bay Area. Learn what is important to know during your riding, to pay attention to, and finally how to solve problems. All you need to bring is some tools compatible with your adjustable suspension parts and follow advice.

How it works

Simply add a Setup Course to a event you might book (option in the booking process of ‘Track Drill, Road Skill, Sideline Coaching, Supermoto 1on1, Youth Coaching) for only $29 extra.