for attending a Superbike-Coach program

We are hoping that you are 100% satisfied with the program and the way we’ve coached you. Some of the topics will kicking in after a while of doing the exercises we taught you, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if something wasn’t clear.

We would appreciate your feedback if you have the feeling we could do better, so we could improve our services. We’d highly appreciate if you would recommend Superbike-Coach in the Bay Rider Forum, Facebook Reviews, Yelp and Google reviews, or for our testimonial page. As a little ‘Thank You’, we have the following for you to save lots of dollars:


As promised we want to share with you all pictures and videos we took from you for FREE. Please look up on our SBC Gallery and for the class folder/date). Also download the gallery manual in case you have problems to register. Photos like that are expensive- only free with Superbike-Coach. I’d appreciate a small donation for our photographer if you haven’t leaved him a tip already. Paypal address:


Our sponsors ain’t no discounters, but ONLY for Superbike-Coach they are donating huge savings, like: 40% off on all Axo gear. 20% off on Forma Boots (code: superbikecoach1). 10% off on Racer Gloves (code: SBC1510), and all of them coming free shipped to you. This is very cool, so take advantage of it – or contact us for further assistance if you have any question to this.


Our Knee Down and Wheelie Course are very popular- but also very challenging. We know that some people just need a little longer, but we want that everyone is successful- so if you’ve taken these classes already- I’ll dare you to take my challenge again, and if you don’t drag the knee or not making a wheelie by then… I’ll refund you 50%

Anyways, I thank you for your trust and I hope to see you in one of other Superbike-Coach classes again.

Best regards,

Coach Can


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