Headcoach Can Akkaya:  “…the overflow of information just confuses riders, and it’s mostly BS anyway…!

Yes I know you are all excited about riding, and that you might try to find ways to get a better rider ‘in no time’. But taking the shortcut searching the internet for answers will most of the time just lead you into confusion as to a solution with value. How do I know?!… I talk to my students- thousands meanwhile- and that is what i get out of it. Here are some pointers:

Not everything on the internet is true or right- How do you know you are reading qualified stuff?!- You don’t know the ‘motorcycle forum expert’ behind the keyboard- Are his/her credentials enough?! And here is more, because even if the information has quality: Did you REALLY understand what it tells you to do?!- How do you judge if you’re doing it right after all?! No, because this is not Math! Math is logic which leads to solution if you follow strictly that one path… but what we’re doing is to try to control the chaos which comes with tons of unknown variables. I am talking about variables which EVERY individual deals differently with!!!

Let me do the Math for you, because each time I ask my class ‘who knows how to counter-steer?’, then 90% of those hands are going up… and now ask me how many I see in my drill who are truly doing it… I’VE SEEN ONLY THREE STUDENTS IN TEN YEARS OF TEACHING who had it down before I started working with them.

Yea, most of them have made their drivers license- have miles and sometime 4 decades of riding under their belts- they read the crap out of books and forums- watched all videos you can get- and they even have taken other riding schools… why are they still don’t get it but with me?!… well, how about you go and make your Math on that one yourself…

Headcoach Can Akkaya
Superbike-Coach, Sacramento, 3/23/2017

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