Superbike-Coach – A Motorcycle Riding School in California We teach motorcycle street and track riders of all categories, ages and levels in our popular programs on a small race track, because rider training on a parking lot isn’t really efficient Fri, 13 May 2022 06:55:53 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Superbike-Coach – A Motorcycle Riding School in California 32 32 The Moto Lawyer donates motorcycle to Superbike-Coach Fri, 13 May 2022 06:55:53 +0000 I was quite surprised when Rafael Carrillo (Carrillo Law Center Stockton) announced that he’ll be donating a motorcycle to Superbike-Coach last week.

I can’t put in words what this means to us, the entire Superbike-Coach team, because this additional bike will make things for us easier on multiple levels.

Rafael and his wife Yazmin running their law firm in Stockton CA and support us since about two years. I feel blessed to have them on our side, because they are also infected with the motorcycle virus. They are specialized in traffic laws and have helped hundreds of fellow riders. They actually have a discount for Superbike-Coach students, so just so you know.

Carrillo Law Center donated

Thanks Rafael. Love ya!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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A Child’s Heart Wed, 13 Apr 2022 18:59:20 +0000 racing injuriesImagine you could race like there is no tomorrow. You would live in a mental state where there are no regrets or any worries. Not even the subconsciousness of pain or even death. A world in a different time zone in space where you are 7 ft tall and fucking bullet proof. No remorse, regret to might hurt yourselves or others. A state of pure invincibility. Total freedom on the inside, which makes you glare on the outside for opponents to feel.

This is truly happening for those few who are about to become ‘truly good at it’. A short phase in a racing career where you just like that kid who doesn’t know pain YET. A child’s heart which hasn’t confronted with the term DEATH is free and can fly up high as it wants. It ain’t restricted by survival instincts.

By this way… maybe next time you see a real young kid racing and conclude ‘how talented and fearless it is’- you might ask yourself if that older racer with all those open wounds, scars and twisted bones is actually the braver one- the one who has faced all those facets of mental and physical pain. Anyway, that’s not my point.

You might say that also racing kids go down many times. I agree, but they don’t lose any front brake power at a 260 km/h. I know that this is maybe an extreme example, but there is one more. One which separates the boys from the man at the end of this phase. Let me explain this with a very current example.

Marc Márquez was racing with a child’s heart pretty much all his life. That made him what he is- or let’s say what he ones was. See where this is going? Oh yea- he always got physically hurt. For years actually, and pretty much twice per weekend. It actually has become part of it and his life to be bandaged up and to have the smell of pain relieving lotion on him for weeks. Nothing he couldn’t smile away and to be even more bad ass as he was before already.

moto racing crashWith all that been said… this isn’t even about the physical hurt, sweat, blood and broken bones. This is about the subconscious realization that you actually have an expiration date. That you are not invincible. Don’t get this wrong. This is not that a racer on this level grows much more fears of getting hurt or to die. This type of fear goes much deeper. It’s a career deciding fear for the most, which is why I mentioned in the beginning that only a few make it through this kind of phase. This is about ‘thinking’.

Time isn’t always a good healer. This operates against racers. Here is Marc. He was absolute dominant, especially the day when he crashed out- twice. The second one was physically quite extreme and it was over. His fighter heart rejected to give up, but a surgery didn’t help to be able to make pushups in front of the commissioners. Now you take the embarrassment of crashing twice into a very long healing phase… a lot of time to think about things.

Besides frustration to see your opponents sharing ‘your’ championship points, anger arouses because you can’t do what you are suppose to be born for… to race. That is out for months to come and you can’t even do your daily gym chores. Everything seems wrong because your routine- your momentum is fucked up. But also the healing period has an end and you can’t wait to get back on track to kick ass again.

It takes a while and some tests to get back to your lap times, but even only half a second short on it makes you worry. While others are impressed with you- you just can’t accept it because you subconsciously knew that this is going to happen and this was exactly what you were so afraid of all the time. You are fighting now a mental fight with yourself. Hold backs growing for crashing and to bend those titanium plates in your arm which would take you off the roster again. These are feelings you never even knew till here. You’re confused and you race under deep aggression, and you wonder, because you never had to be that way to be dominant.

You start leading races here and there again, but ‘something’ is holding you back. You reject that these are fears to get hurt. Sometimes you are successful with it- sometimes you don’t. You feel embarrassed not to be the big dog anymore. The one who sets the bar, and you realize that your opponents know now that you are not unbeatable- that also you have an expiration date, and so your outside glare fades. Subconsciously, you are actually afraid that all this could happen in the very next race again. The child’s heart is broken. From here, you won’t be ever the same again, even if you are able to win championships. You’ve lost that immense freedom.

You might don’t like this article for reasons I even understand. There will be the time where you will though, and when you don’t have to ask me how I knew. I might cover the way of reestablishment in a additional article, but the solution is more or less personal and differs from racer to racer.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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Knee Down or Body Positioning class Fri, 04 Mar 2022 08:22:48 +0000 What is actually the difference of our Knee Down and the Body Positioning class?! We get this question a lot, and the answer is pretty simple… the purpose.

Mini bike in our knee down classWhile the Body Positioning class covers the whole 9 yards- the Knee Down class center focuses to finally get that knee dragging over the asphalt. So that’s for those who are close as they can be. Guess what our general knee drag success ratio is?!… 18 of 20 are making it in average! Some trying for years to get it done doing track days and other schools. 18 of 20 baby!

We use a big oval at Little 99 Raceway in Stockton for the knee class and also have our mini bike in action all day long. I can tell ya… this class is like a Marine Corp boot camp and fun as hell. We also do this program always on the Saturday before our Wheelie Course, so that riders with longer travels have the opportunity to extend the fun with us to a full weekend.

superbikecoach_kneedown_2020_Oct17_Feature-Pics_24The Body Positioning class uses the entire track and we do this program only ones per year. This covers the do’s and the don’ts, challenging subjects and track sessions, and detail you won’t get anywhere else.

Guess what… those classes are coming up- in a perfect order actually. The Body Positioning class will be on 3/13/2022, and there are only 4 spots left so you better go for it. The Knee Down class will be on 4/9/2022, and there are 7 spots left. So if you are not getting the knee down on 3/13/- you could let Superbike-Coach help with the magic on 4/9/ to finish it off.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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Understanding The Learning Curve Wed, 16 Feb 2022 05:55:55 +0000 I know and understand you have expectations, but it’s you who has to understand something here. Learning is not always a steep and straight line up. That’s not impossible, but I can tell you that this doesn’t happen a lot. Then there are others whom learning curve goes in waves slowly going up. With those, it’s what granny use to say: “Sometimes you make a step backwards to finally make two forward”. But for the most track riders and racers- their learning curve is going to hit a plateau, and they stuck there for a long time if they don’t grasp this here…

As for now, you are like this… you are confused. You don’t understand why you hit plateau because you’ve learned so much. You’ve read all those f’n books, watched videos, and you might even been through some good schooling. You’re questioning what you’ve learned is right. Nothing feels right actually, and the harder you try- the worse it seems to get. You are deeply frustrated and the first thoughts of quitting popping up. Eventually not, because you could keep that away by finding some excuses. What?!… you feel offended by honesty? Why don’t you ask me how I know this shit?! I’ve been there too.

Besides that knowledge and try-and-error creates your learning curve- you pretty much have no influence of it’s waves. Those depend on other things, like you, your character, situations happening and/or how many times you’ve crashed. You’ll also learn from crashing- the bad things, but it’ll cost you making a step backwards first. See what I’m saying? Let me give you some examples.

the learning curveLook at the picture above. That’s a section on Nuerburgring Nordschleife in Germany, which was my home track by the way. Let’s say I would teach you that you could fly through this section at a 147 miles an hour on a particular line and also told you what the absolute latest braking marker would be. That teaching would be 100% right on the money… but would you be able to pull this off from the go get?… No, you more likely would get hurt on that try. That track is 12 miles long and has 154 turns. I could teach you on the dime exact where to brake and every inch of the line, but YOU are the one who has to explore what their potential is. That’s on YOU!

Let’s say I’d lead you on and off for 10 laps. Your lap times would go up and down, but in the end with an up tendency, correct? That is good this way, because if you would have the mental strength and riding abilities which allow you to go at the possible maximum- you’d die, just because you can’t memories 154 mostly blind turns within 10 laps!

Knowledge is an elevated resource- taking advantage of the potential of a newly exposed recourse takes time. The dangerous part of this is, that if you don’t SEE THIS at a time when you hit that plateau. You will get hurt mentally and eventually physically if you have a strong competitive nature. Frustration takes over and you’ll questioning what you’ve learned is even right. Wanna read the Nordschleife example ones more to get what I am saying?!

Let me give you another, maybe a more feel-able example. Let’s say you use to be riding on shitty tires, but now we put you some of the finest tires on your bike- MotoGP race tires which you can even buy even if you’d have the money for them. Now you’re going out again and you eventually make a little progress- but it is extremely unlikely that you are capable of riding them at their fullest possible potential. They deliver you a recourse you’ll have to explore on your own. That MotoGP tire engineer can tell you how they have to be ridden, so information is 100% right but the exploration depends on you and your capabilities.

If you allow impatience and/or frustration to get in-between, you will only extend your ‘plateau time’ in your learning curve. Important by then is this: honesty, trust, smartness, relaxation, reset. Truth is a sharp knife, but it cuts best!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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Superbike-Coach on Michelin Tires Mon, 24 Jan 2022 06:46:38 +0000 Superbike-Coach signs contract with Michelin USA and Racepace Motorsports.

I am super excited about this. I remember, I raced for Michelin as a Semi-Pro and know how fast those tires are. I can just imagine their potential nova days, having profoundly gained experience and development over the years and especially since Michelin is engaged in MotoGP.

Can Akkaya as a semi pro in 1990. He crashed in lead in the race in Luxemburg, Colmar Berg

So, I can’t wait to be back with Michelin and to work directly with Racepace Motorsports. Best of all… even our students are going to have an advantage from this partnership, because Racepace Motorsports has a discount for them on Michelin tire sets.

No matter what you’re riding… Michelin has the right tire for you as well. Go check ’em out.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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