Don’t watch the way were you supposed to gonna die. Stay away from the brake- keep your head down and finish the f….. turn!

Everyone was given great critiques and he seemed to do it always giving us a smile. We wouldn’t be able to hit the highway until each had performed to his expectations. Coach took his time to follow behind each of us and gave a subtle critique, particularly the comment, “Finish the Fucking Turn”. This is a great class for novice to experienced riders

The wheelie bike is actually an AMA spec 450 Supermotard with a wheelie bar attached so no looping at all and can be adjusted as you progress. Since we were all beginners we learn using the throttle to get our bikes up and believe me it works

Can was very good at getting to the root of riding problems – which are all mostly between the ears. Mental challenges then usually lead to the other issues – line choice, brake points, exits, etc.