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Southwest Loop tour 2012

There are lots of bike tour providers out there, and it’s hard to find the ‘right one’ (Klick fuer Deutsch)

Search no longer, because there is no one out there who offers more personal motorcycle tours then Superbike-Coach.  Our guided bike tours are going over hand-picked routes to amazing landmarks and attractions.

At this time we offer three bike trips;  California, Alps, and Nuerburgring Nordschleife.  These tours are are designed for riders to join- coming in from all over the world.  Of course we also welcome riders from all over the USA to check out California in a special way- but we mostly have American riders joining our Nordschleife- and Alps trips.

For all tours we try to bundle up a complete package

  • Bike rentals

  • Hotel reservations

  • Guide

  • Luggage truck

Available Motorcycle Tours

California Motorcycle Tour  (Klick fuer Deutsch) This trip is combine able with our popular ‘Laguna Seca for everyone’ events. We offer 3 levels of this tour to make this guided tour on hand-picked California roads fit for everybody. Breath taking back roads and stops which makes you fall in love with this spectacular state. We take care of your stays- plan what to do and even have the bikes if you don’t bring your own. A heck of a trip which is combine-able with our ‘Laguna Seca For Everyone’ offer  (read more)


Laguna Seca Raceway with Superbike-Coach

Laguna Seca For Everyone  (Klick fuer Deutsch) This trip is combine able with our popular ‘California Motorcycle Tour’- an addition which makes totally sense. You would add more value by adding the California Tour to this program- that’s for sure. This program already fulfilled many riders from around the globe the dream- to enjoy the famous Laguna Seca MotoGP track and its Corkscrew turn. This is a full track day which includes coaching, and even a track bike if you don’t have- or can’t bring one yourself. We got you covered! (read more)


Monument Valley, 2011 tour

U.S. Southwest Loop   (Klick fuer Deutsch) The ultimate trip to explore the spirit and the history of the USA and its wild west. We offer 3 levels of this tour to make this guided ‘ones in a lifetime’ tour to a realizable dream.  Just let me drop some destinations here, and you’ll get the idea: California Highway One, Universal Studios, L.A., Route 66, Mohave desert, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion and Yosemite National parks, Valley of Fire, Monument Valley, and much more. The American dream tour!   (read more)

Ich habe bereits einige Motorradtouren gemacht, vornehmlich in den USA. Aber Can’s Kalifornien Tour war einfach genial. Er weiss genau was man erleben moechte, als auch den ‘American spirit’ zu vermitteln.- Dieter Felbick, Kalifornien Tour 2012

To Book Your Trip

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Each tour includes

  • Bike rentals of your choice

  • Hotel reservations

  • Experienced guide

  • Luggage truck/car

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Alternative course

Superbike-Coach Road Skill 1on1 programIf you don’t like classes or group dynamics- and you always wanted a professional coach has his eyes on you and your need only? Then how about a Road Skill real 1on1 coaching?

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