The following list is a Network of companies who are operating nationwide or international. We are very pleased about their support which gives us the opportunity to make our services affordable and even better.  Some of them even ‘supporting’ YOU by donating up to 40% off discounts for our clients, so please support them by evaluating and buying their fantastic products and services:

Their products rounding up your hobby, on the bike- and in the garage. Parts and tools is what they are doing, and the prices are low!.  BikeMaster is also involved with the ‘MotoGP Project Bike’. Coach Can about BikeMaster: “I am happy to have these guys on-board. We’re using their Oil, chains, cleaners and tools. Basically all the stuff you need to keep that motor running. I actually also love their philosophy and enthusiasm about bikes”. Use the Dealer Locator to  find a dealer near you. If a dealer doesn\’t have stock on the items you need, they can be ordered and you should generally receive them in less than a few days.


Toll Free: 877-848-1320

Phone: 817-258-9223 Dealer locator



I was super skeptical myself, but I gave it a shot. I mean, OEM fairing are either way too expensive, or hard to find used while still in acceptable conditions. Another option would be to get a unpainted glass fiber fairing kit and to have it painted. But also this is extremely expensive and time consuming. Time I don’t have, cuz’ I gotta have my babies running all the time.

My solution is Gomototrip, a manufacturer of ABS plastic motorcycle fairings and paint jobs for a affordable price. The quality of both, materials and paint is top notch, and customized designs  are their specially actually.

Nothing is wrong to get your fairing from China. This is a free world market and this is the place where most products are made in anyway.


Phone: 760-946-6571,,



Moto Gear has been working since 1999, manufacturing unit of leather wear especially high end quality textile and leather racing suits, Gloves, Leather Jackets (fashion, racing) at competitive rates and according to customer’s specifications. We have experienced 10 years to make custom made racing suit as we are making many custom racing suit for big names in market. It started with a goal to produce high quality. Its renowned for quality racing suits, gloves, leather jackets at competitive rates and according to customers specifications. Our products are constructed from the experienced craftsman, which is the major key for producing high quality products and we ship worldwide. We are regularly updating our employees and training up new skills, Accusation of new technology and regularly revolution if its quality.

Forma Boots sponsor of the Superbike-Coach Corp.

My grandma use to say… “You’ve gotta have Italian shoes. Basta!” As I’ve been for year on the search for the right motorcycle boots- which are fulfilling my relatively high standards in my gear as a professional rider- I found out that she was right! Forma boots are developed with high-end materials on a very high quality level, and the look is fantastic. 2015 is the 3rd year I’ve been using Forma Boots for their quality- durability- safety- and design. These guys are bike enthusiasts and we love their passion- and they love what Superbike- Coach does- which is why Forma is donating a 20% off discount (code: superbikecoach1) for all of our students- plus free shipping! How cool is that?!

Forma Boots USA, 390 Amapola Avenue, Torrance, CA, 90501, Ph: 310 533-9390,,



is back with Superbike-Coach as a sponsor. Bridgestone motorcycle tires developed their high end sport, touring, and especially race tires in MotoGP, the toughest and most competitive battlefield on this planet. We are super happy to be back on Battlax street and race tires because they deliver in regard mileage, grip level, and especially in regard feedback. They are great in cold or hot weather conditions- they are easy to handle in regard motorcycle suspension settings, and they are available in different compounds.

Bridgestone technology is top notch. Their direct partner ‘Hot and Hazardous Performance’ delivers fast and affordable. Give them a shot and thank us later :-)

Bridgestone USA

Hot and Hazardous Performance

Phone: 1-866-766-5150


Rafael, aka the MotoLawyer, and Yazmin Carrillo’s dedication to the sport and Superbike-Coach is undeniable. They strive to provide the very best legal services for their clients. They can provide a plethora of legal services in various different areas of the law, which creates a more complete availability of services for clients. As a lawyer, Rafael’s focus is personal injury cases and he is based in Stockton, California. He has been helping injured persons receive the compensation they deserve for over 10 years.  His law firm, Carrillo Law Center, is a full service firm and has attorneys that handle immigration, family law, criminal law, wills and trusts, landlord/tenant law, and more.

Carrillo Law Center

333 E. Channel Street,

Stockton, California 95202

Phone: (209) 900-2100


We are happy to announce that Wiseco came back to the Superbike-Coach Corp as a sponsor. This is fundamental for our fleet because just to know to know we have these guys backing us up with their high end quality pistons and parts. Pistons, titanium valves, clutch plates and much more to maintain our school bikes.

In 1940 Clyde Wiseman ventured into his garage on the East Side of Cleveland, Ohio and began producing pistons for himself and a few friends. Word of his high quality work spread quickly, and in 1941 Wiseco Piston was established to service the needs of motorsports enthusiasts.

Wiseco USA
Mentor, OH 44060-5396

Toll Free: 1-800-321-1364

Raven Synthetics is an authorized AMSOIL Independent Dealer. Owner Dean is an avid motorcycle rider and has been riding bikes for over 40 years. He first learned about AMSOIL back when they were sponsors of their motocross racing teams and then from his father who’s been using AMSOIL oil in his motorcycles all his life. We’ve come to realize they help keep your motor running smoother. Something people don’t realize is that AMSOIL’s Synthetic Oil “became the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute requirements” . What I appreciate is, that they have a discount for our students: coach15%

Raven Synthetics


is another Superbike-Coach sponsor since 2017. Dynojet became famous for their fabulous Powercommander fuel management systems, which are used by riders all over the planet, in racing and for street riding. Dynojet Research, Inc. is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of performance enhancement products and tools. Their fuel management and diagnostic products, coupled with their personalized services, give you the resources to maximize performance and increase efficiency. All Superbike-Coach bikes are equipped with it for a good reason… better ride-ability and performance.

Dynojet Research, Inc.
2191 Mendenhall Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89081
Tel: +1-702-399-1423


I’m Dean Lonskey, owner-founder of “Dean Lonskey Photography”. I’ve been taking pictures for as long as I can remember but didn’t get serious about it until 2005. I’ll photograph just about anything or any occasion, however, my passion is motorcycles.

I’ve been riding for over 40 years, (street bikes for about the last 20 years and racing amateur motocross off and on since 1974) so it just came natural shooting motorcycles.

Coach Can is also very passionate about motorcycles so it was only natural we’d connect and I’ve been the photographer for Superbike-coach Corp since November 2014!

Dean Lonskey Photography


Also we, the Superbike-Coach Corp sponsors. We’re supporting motorcycle clubs and meetup group organizers.

Here is a list of a couple of meetup motorcycle groups, where we have 10% off discounts on our Cornering School Day’s for their members: Groups Rides, San Jose Motorcycle Riders, and NorCal FastFar Rider.

Only members are getting that discount from them, so why don’t you look at one of these groups- have rides with them- and meet new friends. Organize meetups yourselves or just have a good time with riding buddies.

Club/Group sponsor requests here


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