Jobs at Superbike-Coach

To become a certified Superbike-Coach or assistant won’t be a walk in the park.  Our requirements and expectations in your abilities are high:

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  • at least 5 years of street riding experience

  • Track experience at least 3 years, A-rider level

  • 99% Clean street rider record

  • Outstanding social skills

  • Motivated, and strong personality

We are looking for:Requirements besides stated above:Message:
Assistant coach for our Wheelie Courses– 100% commitment – 100% assigned to our classes in May and October – Clean background check – Good listener – Good with words and language – Know to do pull- and clutch wheelies- and even more important: being able to transfer it – Loyalty to what we do, who we are, and to our studentsIf you see yourself in this description, then you might be a good match. Schedule a meetup via email: office(at)

There are currently no further jobs available, but please send us your full resume with a brief description. Thank you.







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