Superbike-Coach is a highly reviewed, advanced motorcycle riding school in California

Learn to safe your life

Learn to safe your life

We teach MotoGP riding techniques to motorcycle street and track riders of all ages and levels in our popular programs on a small race track, because rider training on a parking lot isn’t really efficient. We are welcoming all categories and levels of riders from all over the world and teach thousands every year. Superbike Coach makes better riders with better programs:

We operate mainly in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, but our motorcycle tours are nationwide. Can Akkaya and his Superbike-Coach Corp are also organizing non competitive motorcycle track days in California.

Most Popular Superbike-Coach Motorcycle Riding Programs

Superbike-Coach advanced motorcycle rider training programs are hands-on, unique, and refreshingly different. We make better motorcycle riders. Headcoach Can Akkaya developed all of the classes 1st hand and makes it work for every rider level on any bike. Our Cornering School is extremely popular, and the Wheelie Course gathers riders from all over the world. Learning to drag the knee was never more reliable before. Superbike-Coach track days at Thunderhill Raceway makes the fun available to any rider, and our suspension Workshop & Track Time events making you feel like a pro. Even brand new riders finding a place in our Basic Rider course to learn to ride a motorcycle from the scratch and racers find a place in our brand new Track Academy class.

Cornering School Program

Learn survival skills for riding on roads. We run days 1, 2, 3, and 4 on a small race track. No extra track fees — No bike preparation necessary — No track-specific gear, and free-of-charge sport photography. Classroom and track sessions are perfectly structured and loaded with knowledge and fun. You can use your own bike, but we also have a suitable rental bike which you… [read more]

Wheelie Course classes

This course teaches more than just how to do a wheelie on a motorcycle. It’s about learning to ride a bike using a different technique — throttle control — and how to deal with the fear of fighting that demon. You’ll learn this stunt from professionals in a safe and legal setting. Riders are even coming in from overseas, and these classes have quickly booked… [read more]

Motorcycle Track Days

Coach Akkaya has lots of experience with other track day organizers, and has seen both the good and the bad. So it made sense to put together a program that’s different from others. Superbike-Coach track days are non-competitive, hassle free, and come loaded with free services such as photography. Our track days at Thunderhill Raceway and Laguna Seca… [read more]

Knee Down classes

Every sport bike rider dreams about dragging a knee, but many have problems making this stunt to happen. This class and Coach Can are ready to help you to finally do it at last — safely and legally. You’ll learn about ideal lines, a solid body positioning, seeing through turns, and defying that demon on your shoulder. This is a very unique program that you shouldn’t miss out, because the… [read more]

Five Star Reviews about Superbike-Coach (click for more)

What could be possibly a better way to show that you are in the right motorcycle riding school,  if you are a street rider, a track day hobbyist, or even a motorcycle racer- than hundredths of 5 star reviews by our students. We’ll maybe also the fact that our classes are booked up all the time shows perfectly that Superbike-Coach does deliver.

Coach Can is a truly an inspirational coach and ride. The emphasis is on incorporating the techniques into our everyday riding for these Corning Classes. I have completed Corning School Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. The Stockton “Little 99” is the perfect track to learn the corning skills needed since the track is small and the turns are close together.- Peter Wilson, Coernering School Day 1, 2 and 3

I got my f-ing knee down for the first time. Coach Can corrected my form and it was easy after that!- Kelly Houlihan, Knee Down class 2013

Coach will challenge your conventional thinking and as long as you do this, you will come out having learned something AND improved your riding skills.- Dean L., Superbike-Coach Photographer

I’ve been to other schools (that I’m not going to name for respect/free publicity), and even taking a two day track school with them, I didn’t even learn HALF of what I have learned with Coach Can in one day- Sebastian Sarmiento, Cornering School Day 1 and 2