Superbike-Coach is a highly reviewed, advanced motorcycle riding school in California

We teach all motorcycle street and track riders of all categories, ages and levels in our popular programs on a small race track, because rider training on a parking lot isn’t really efficient. We are welcoming touring, sport and cruiser riders from all over the world and teach thousands every year. All classes are booking up quickly, but there are also 1on1 and small group options:

  • Every-type-of-motorcycle-is-welcome-in-the-Superbike-Coach-cornerings-chool

    All riders are learning with us

    Cornering School Days 1-3 – For all street and track riders on a small race track, no extra track fees

  • NEW Track Rookie Class For all rider who want to start out with track days

  • Rider Passenger Class – For all street riders and passengers on a small race track, no extra track fees

  • Body Positioning Class – For all Sportbike street riders, track riders and racers, no track fees

  • Track Academy – For track riders and racers of mid levels and up, no extra track fees

  • Techniques nobody else teaches

    Road Skill 1-on-1 coaching – For all street riders of all ages, levels, and categories

  • Wheelie Course – For all street and track riders, and racers of all ages

  • Knee Down – For all sport street and track riders, and racers of all ages

  • Track Drill 1-on-1 coaching – For all sport and track riders and racers of all ages and levels at your track day

  • Supermotard 1-on-1 – For street and track riders, and racers of all ages

  • passenger class superbikecoach

    Rider and Passenger class

    Basic Rider 1on1 – For absolute beginners, to prepare for the M1 drivers license test

  • Suspension Workshop & Track Time – For all street and track riders on a small race track, no extra track fees

We operate mainly in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, but our students come see us from all over the nation. Can Akkaya and his Superbike-Coach Corp are also on the Department of Defense list as a rider trainer for the United States Air Force. Superbike-Coach is affordable, accessible, reliable and efficient. We make better riders with better programs and with more fun. Nothing compares to Superbike-Coach, which is a revolution and redefines of what and how motorcycle rider education should be like.

Most Popular Superbike-Coach Motorcycle Riding Programs

Superbike-Coach advanced motorcycle rider training programs are hands-on, unique, and refreshingly different. We make better and safer motorcycle riders. Headcoach Can Akkaya developed all of the classes 1st hand and makes it work for every rider level on any bike. Our Cornering School is extremely popular, and the Wheelie Course gathers riders from all over the world. Learning to drag the knee was never more reliable before. Superbike-Coach track days at Thunderhill Raceway makes the fun available to any rider, and our suspension Workshop & Track Time events making you feel like a pro. Even brand new riders finding a place in our Basic Rider course to learn to ride a motorcycle from the scratch. Racers find a place in our Race Academy class and Body positioning classes are for Sportbike riders, and the all new Track Rookie class to give you the safest and most fun entry into track days. All in all, everyone is welcome and learn a lot with us, even passengers in our Rider Passenger class which we also run on our Little 99 Raceway.

Cornering School

Learn survival skills for riding on roads. We run days 1, 2, 3, and 4 on a small race track. No extra track fees — No bike preparation necessary — No track-specific gear, and free-of-charge sport photography. Classroom and track sessions are perfectly structured and loaded with knowledge and fun. You can use your own bike, but we also have a suitable rental bike which you… [read more]

Body Positioning

Every sport bike rider dreams about riding a Sportbike the right way. No matter if you are a street rider- if your hobby are track days- or if you are a passionate racer- this class is a ‘must do’. This goes way beyond to drag knee and gives you the full scoop of Hanging-Off. Transitions, braking, lean angles and much more- all focused to communicate with your bike … [read more]

Wheelie Course

This course teaches more than just how to do a wheelie on a motorcycle. It’s about learning to ride a bike using a different technique — throttle control — and how to deal with the fear of fighting that demon. You’ll learn this stunt from professionals in a safe and legal setting. Riders are even coming in from overseas, and these classes have quickly booked… [read more]

Road Skill 1on3

Whether you just got your M1 license or you are an experienced motorcyclist, learn how to avoid accidents, and be a more proficient street rider. You’ll work with a professional in a very small group directly on public roads. Coach will help you to identify and remove your bad habits, and personalizes training to fit the YOUR NEEDS. 100% of Coach’s attention… [read more]

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Track Drill 1on3

Personal track or racer coaching doesn’t have to bring you close to bankruptcy- or to come out short on quality and efficiency. The Track Drill with coach Can Akkaya is affordable and straight forward. Improve your track day or racing skill with Superbike-Coach on tracks of your choice and get faster by being safer. This program is available as 1on1 or up… [read more]

Five Star Reviews about Superbike-Coach (click for more)

What could be possibly a better way to show that you are in the right motorcycle riding school, than hundredths of 5 star reviews by our students. Go check out Google reviews, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and Angie’s List because those are 100% real student opinions. Well maybe also the fact that our classes are booked up all the time shows perfectly that Superbike-Coach does deliver. All of our classes and programs are booking up for good reasons. The growth of the Superbike-Coach Corp is based on word of mouth.

Today, I practiced the counter-steering, very impressive technique! I am ashamed to admit that before yesterday I thought that I knew how to apply it but was far off from the truth. I also think that I know how to do trail breaking, let’s see how that goes next time :-)- Alex Alongi, Cornering School Day 2

Thank you very much for an amazing CSD-1 at Little 99 yesterday. Amazing experience and huge, supportive learning environment for my 1st track day!! I just signed up for CSD-2 and already can’t wait. I Loved the 1-on-1 “Ideal Line” portion. VERY cool and worth every penny (and more, but don’t quote me! LOL).- Chris Cooley, Cornering School Day 1, 8/16/15

We need knowledge, skill, and experience to master our bikes- and only then to reach out to the stars :-)- Coach Can Akkaya, Cornering School

I just bought a new bike and was not very confident on it, but already after one class it changed!! Coach is awesome!! I think a lot of it has to do with his personality- Inga Salija, Cornering School Day 1
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