Since its inception in 2006, Superbike-Coach has actively coached groups and individuals in Europe and the United States. Offering programs tailored for street and track riders across all levels and motorcycle categories, we impart MotoGP riding techniques specifically to street riders. Notably, our advanced motorcycle riding school, where these techniques are diligently taught, is nestled in California.

Going beyond conventional corporate roles, Superbike-Coach Corp is more than just a company; it embodies a passion-driven commitment to elevate motorcycle enthusiasts to new heights of skill and enjoyment. Envisioned with the transformative goal of turning riders into confident and adept motorcyclists, Superbike-Coach Corp stands proudly at the forefront of motorcycle education.

Comprising seasoned riders and instructors, our dedicated team shares a wealth of experience and knowledge with fellow enthusiasts. Firmly rooted in the belief that riding transcends being a mere skill—it is an art form, a dynamic dance between man and machine. With this philosophy ingrained in our core, we actively strive to empower riders of all levels, facilitating their mastery of the art of motorcycling.

With Superbike-Coach you will experience maximized personal motorcycle riding coaching

About Superbike-Coach

Can Akkaya, the head coach at Superbike-Coach, is a professional motorcycle riding specialist with 41 years of riding and teaching experience including a European Championship as well as a test rider for Race Bike Engineering. By placing your trust in Coach Can you’ll become safer on the road and faster on the track.

Why Superbike-Coach?

Superbike-Coach Corp revolutionizes coaching, offering a hands-on program for every rider category. Coach Can adds straightforward language, humor, and a deep passion for teaching and riding.

Our courses cater to all riders—novices mastering basics or experienced ones refining techniques. Meticulously designed, they seamlessly blend theory with practical sessions for a holistic learning experience.

Safety is paramount; we instill responsibility and awareness, emphasizing defensive riding and best practices. Superbike-Coach Corp goes beyond speed, fostering respect and camaraderie in the motorcycle community.

Embark on a self-discovery journey with us. It’s more than a training ground; Superbike-Coach Corp is a vibrant community united by a passion for riding. Join this transformative journey towards excellence.

Superbike-Coach award About Superbike-Coach

United States Air Force

Since 2016, the Superbike-Coach Corp is proud to be listed by the Department of Defense to be a rider coach for the US-Air Force.


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Cornering School


Check our track rider program which we developed over many years from experience, and working with students in Europe and USA Track Drill, as 1on1 & groups - For track riders and racers of all ages, and levels