Can Akkaya raced at a time where there was no internet, facebook, or databases which would make it easy to keep records of his racing career. We scanned a collection of interesting pictures and race results to make them available to public. Here are some Racing Memories in Pictures

Name                     Can Akkaya

Nickname             CrazyCan
Date of birth         11th May 1965
Birthplace             Cologne, Germany
Nationality            German

Lives in                  USA, Sacramento, CA
Occupation           Writer, Owner of the Superbike-Coach Corp., Headcoach
websites      ,,

Can Akkaya is a former professional motorcycle racer, writer, and founder of the Superbike-Coach Corp. Can (pronounced like “Jon”) is a passionate motorcycle riding coach and has taught thousands of students to be faster, more confident, and most of all, safer riders. He is also official rider trainer of the United States Air Force.

Please look on our gallery for Can Akkaya’s racing pics, press articles and some interesting race results: