Cornering School for street riders on the race track

Learn to corner and everything which comes along with it on a parking lot?!… You’ll be excited about our Cornering School Day’s; This is good for ALL rider levels and ALL bike types. Master skills to corner/survive in the most realistic and safest environment you possibly could be in. We will teach you very specific MotoGP riding techniques, like trail braking and much more. In cooperation with the Little 99 Raceway in Stockton we have a facility in central California to offer rider coaching on a high level- for a low price. Other schools using the word “advanced”- Superbike-Coach does advanced!  All survival skills for daily riding on public roads are right here.

little 99 map

Suits riders who…

  • Street riders, track newbies

  • All skill levels (we run 3 level groups)

  • Riders who are up to do their first track day

  • All categories of motorcycles

  • If other schools couldn’t help you much

  • If you’re tired reading books about it

  • If you want to be the better rider!

The Track We’re Using

The Stockton Little 99 Raceway is a perfect place to learn because it has everything you have to face on public roads, from tight turns to the sweepers… it’s just more forgiving than a public street.  Our track allows us to change layouts to give you more challenges.  Also, our classroom area is perfectly set for the purpose of making you a better rider!

NO extra track fees… NO bike preparation… NO track gear required… and FREE stuff

Riding and learning on a track was never more reasonable. This service suits street riders who wants to learn best-riding techniques, or are up to do their very first track day.  Ordinary track days never provide step-by-step instruction.  You are on your own!  Our “Cornering School” will provide step-by-step instruction for street riders and track riders.  The class starts at 9:00am and ends at about 4:00pm. Our photographer makes FREE of charge sport photos, and we’ll bring water and snacks.

How It Works

This program is big- too big to run or learn in one day, so we’ve set it up in three days, so we can go into more comprehensive subjects which will be covered over the three days school.  Besides adding substantial riding techniques, you get also more riding time on our fabulous track to increase the fun factor!

Can Akkaya teaches track and street riders

Can Akkaya teaches track and street riders

The best riders on this planet are in MotoGP- but more important- we know exactly what these guys do and how to transfer it to you.  MotoGP riders are extremely good with the basics, so that we think what’s good for them- is good for you.  ‘Cornering School – Day 1’ teaches you essential basics, but don’t think that this is for “beginners only”- no, this is just the first part of your journey with us! The elements of ‘Cornering School – Day 2’ build up your new rider skills you’ve accomplished- and  ‘Cornering School – Day 3’ is designed for those CSD-2 students whom really wants to learn to go fast by gaining safety. If you’ve mastered all three days, and your riding purpose is to do track days or even to race- then our all new ‘Day 4’ class is waiting for you!

Gravity is a bitch!- Headcoach Can Akkaya, Track Drill 1on3

It’s not skill level- and it’s not required to got through all three days, but each day is a will round up your learning curve dramatically.  We have plenty of dates to pick from, so you have time to settle subjects, and gives us the chance to monitor your progress.  We do either sideline or on the bike coaching while you do tasks on the Little 99 Raceway.  This is not for speeding- this is how to find a smooth balance from entry to exiting corners, and to approach them with confidence.  The coach observes and makes ‘adjustments’ step by step. You’ll gain control, smoothness, and accuracy, which finally leads to relaxation and confidence. Coach Can is also a very good listener for your fears and ‘riding demons’.  Each classroom lesson is followed by a track session where you can work on your new skills under Headcoach Can’s directions. With him you’ll learn from first-hand. Please also read the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ to your right.

Clubs, companies, 1on1 or small group coaching available

If you want your coaching more personalized- this program is also available as 1on1 or for small groups. There will be also a additional track fee. We can also set up complete classes for your motorcycle club, dealership, or riders of your company. Click here and let us know your plan to set this up.
Great news for starting this program out

Our sponsor MotoLawyer will pay lunch for all Day 1 students!!! Come hungry :-)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Was interested in getting this cornering class for myself (rider of 5 years) and a new rider. Would this be an appropriate course for both of us?

Coach’s answer: Yes, for us it has no matter at all what the skill set is. Our logic and experience is, that everyone needs us. Never too early- never too late. Headcoach Can Akkaya

Question: During sign up I did not realize this was a track course and I am not at the level of riding just yet. I do not own a set of track gear and am not able to purchase these items as I was recently laid off due to the Covbid-19 pandemic. I apologize for any inconvenience and I will keep your school in mind for when I am ready to commit to this level of the sport.

Coach’s answer: Your arguments show me, that you haven’t read neither the description of this class- nor watched the explaining trailer- nor that you’ve read or understood the requirements. A) This class is for EVERY rider level and has NOTHING to do with speed. Nothing! B) It’s not a “track course” just because we are on a track. We teach every street rider to corner on their pace. Cornering skills are survival skills! C) Our class requirements note that rider gear is fair enough. There is not a word of track gear. I would suggest to take a minute and read and to go into you. This here is not what you think at all. We had a freshly licensed riders in the class yesterday, and she made a quantum jump forward, and I am not talking in terms of speed! Headcoach Can Akkaya

Question: I have a CBR650F. I know your track is somewhat small so I’m wondering if it’d be better for me to rent a smaller bike for this course or if you think mine will suffice.

Coach’s answer: What is the difference of a big or small track in regard engine output?! This track is wider than any road lane you probably know. Most riders struggle with slow turns, so that’s a fix right there! Headcoach Can Akkaya

Question: I have a cruiser/touring bike and I wonder if the cornering school is sufficient for it.

Coach’s answer: Very much, because we’re ALL dealing with the same “problem” to solve… PHYSICS Headcoach Can Akkaya

Question: I do not own a set of track gear and I can’t afford to buy it just for the class.

Coach answer: Good news… you don’t need specific ‘track gear’. Regular street rider gear- textile OR leather, is fair enough. It just has to have all significant protectors in the right places. You’re good to go.

Question: I am a slow rider so I am a little nervous in regard the track and the other riders, especially worried to be in their way.

Coach’s answer: We’ll group riders levels after evaluation. There is also a short cut ‘faster riders’ can take to make a ‘safe for everyone’ pass. No reason to feel in the way or intimidated. This is designed to help everyone. This is YOUR time and YOUR pace you’ll be going with!  Headcoach Can Akkaya

Question: I am a pretty quick rider, and I wonder how you deal with different pace levels of a class before I sign up.

Coach’s answer: We’ll group riders levels after evaluation. There are A, B, C group and we monitor this closely and move riders around if necessary. There is a passage to shortcut if you run up on someone. Interesting is, that after a while- everyone has dialed in to it pretty well, so that each one can go their desired pace. Headcoach Can Akkaya

Question: I heard that motorcycles have to be prepared for riding on a track. What are your requirements in this regard for the cornering school program?

Coach’s answer: Non. All Superbike-Coach programs we’re running on Little 99 Raceway have no requirements in regard motorcycle preparation. Headcoach Can Akkaya

Question: Is day 1 the lowest level? Can I just start with day 2?

Coach’s answer: No, day 1 is just the beginning of this program, so an essential. Just because ‘you believe to know’ what a movie is like- you don’t go in to the theater a quarter into the movie, right?!  Headcoach Can Akkaya

  • incl. track fees

    only $189

  • Cornering School Day 1
    Click ‘Book Now’ to see available Day-1 dates

    Dealing with fears

    Way Point Viewing

    Ideal lines for safety and pace

    Emergency braking & easing off

    Day 1 will harmonize your bike control with body and soul. Days 1 and 2 are steps, NOT levels, which are important for even very experienced riders. Headcoach Can will sign your Certificate of Completion, which qualifies you for Day 2. You decide when to move on with Day 2. There are plenty of dates all over the year.

  • Cornering School Day 2
    Click ‘Book Now’ to see available Day-2 dates

    Anxiety management

    Real counter-steering

    Importance of  gear choice


    Day 2 teaches you MotoGP riding techniques. Upon completion, you are qualified and prepared for Day 3, which will build on Day 2 skills and teach you skills that will help you get much faster safely. Day 3 will change the ball park you’re playing in.

  • Cornering School Day 3
    Click ‘Book Now’ to see available Day-3 dates

    Becoming One with Universe

    Trail Braking

    V-Line, an apex game


    After you’ve graduated day 2, you’ll finish your learning journey with Day 3 and receive our Superbike-Coach certificate. All the riding techniques taught by Can Akkaya and used by top riders on this planet- in MotoGP. This class completes your street rider education with Superbike-Coach, but it also qualifies you to enter our all new CSD-4.

  • Cornering School Day 4
    Click ‘Book Now’ to see available Day-4 dates

    Mentally Track/Racing

    Reference Markers

    Late braking & Reading lines

    Cornering Balance


    Day 4 is for the more sophisticated rider to track day or even with racing ambitions, and who has graduated Superbike-Coach’s Cornering School program Day 1, 2, and 3. But don’t worry- even if track riding or racing isn’t your goal- this Day 4 isn’t that wrong for you anyway. It is more training with Coach Can Akkaya, and it kinda gives you a look behind the ‘racing curtain’. Always changing track layouts and passing all over the track puts you onto a challenging place.

Beneficial for ‘just licensed’ riders
Beneficial for novice riders
Benefiicial for intermediate riders
Beneficial for advanced riders

NEED A RENTAL BIKE?! We can help you out. Rent one of our pool bikes which are coming with gas, race tires, and transport. The fee is $190. A optional damage protection plan cost $85 (covers you to max $700 in damage, no matter how bad it is). Of course you can bring a cheaper 3rd party rental, but you won’t have that insurance, and no transportation to our track. Just opt it in the booking process.