Tailored Superbike-Coach Classes

That’s right. Besides to all of our scheduled on and off track programs, we also can set entire classes up very flexible and individual. Superbike-Coach has done a lot of these and can set it up in no-time. Here is just a quick overview of :

  • little-99-raceway-superbike-coachMotorcycle clubs
  • Motorcycle dealerships
  • Motorcycle Facebook groups etc
  • Military / Army / Air Force
  • Companies / Corporates

Over the last 10 years, the Superbike-Coach Corp had the privilege to work with Google riders, A&S Motorcycles, some MeetUp and Facebook groups, a gay riders group, the BMW NorCal riders club, numerous motorcycle dealerships and even for US Air Force members. For all these groups and categories, we’ve tailored entire classes mostly at our Little 99 Raceway or seminars at their location.

So for example.  If you have a lot company members who are riding motorcycles in their spare time, and you need them to be safe out there- then this is maybe something you could get on the way with us. Maybe you run a big motorcycle Facebook group and want us to tailor a ‘members only’ class. All individually set up and scheduled.


We can set these programs up for your needs:

  • Body Positioning and Knee Down class
  • Suspension Workshop & Track Time class
  • Cornering School Days 1 to 4
  • Supermoto classes
  • Rider / Passenger classes

Pricing, for individual or bulk

We want to make this fair for everyone and especially transparent. No hidden fees attached. Every tailored class has a maximum capacity of 30 riders. The more attend, up to 30, the cheaper it gets for the individual. Or, as the leader of a corporates, you might want to purchase a class as an incentive for your members, staff or even customers.

Individual scheduling

Depending on your needs we can schedule your group class either on Saturdays, or Mondays or Tuesdays.

Talk to us about pricing and give us details. We’ll make it happen.

  • Fees are depending on headcount. Click the button to get it started.

    Tailored program

    Individually scheduled

    Full day class/track sessions

    No bike preparation necessary

    Available for everyone- and every bike type

NEED A RENTAL BIKE?! We can help you out. Rent one of our pool bikes which are coming with gas, race tires, and transport. The fee is $190. A optional damage protection plan cost $85 (covers you to max $700 in damage, no matter how bad it is). Of course you can bring a cheaper 3rd party rental, but you won’t have that insurance, and no transportation to our track. Just opt it in the booking process.

General Waivers & Rules

Waiver Track Rules