Class for track day beginners at Thunderhill Raceway

Here is it. You’ve decided to do your first motorcycle track day ever. Rather you have or have not a track day ticket in your pocket- you are intimidated as hell. The respect for the big track and the unknown almost lifts out the excitement. You probably start out on C-Group, which is ok because there at least more rules to some kind of protect you. The upcoming ‘chaos’, which you even haven’t seen yet, is overwhelming you. We see this every day. Also, there is confusion about the entire procedure of entering an ‘gloves come off’ arena. This program is designed to help orientating- relaxing by doing- and to give you a safe as possible approach.

Superbike-Coach track day July 2016 (16)Suits riders who…

  • Want to enter track days
  • Have a few track days done but want to reset and learn
  • All skill levels 
  • All categories of motorcycles
  • Have essential skills to start track days safely
  • Strive off intimidation

How It Works

We’re going into a lot. Literally all scenarios you are going to face doing track days, and we’ll prepare you for it. How to prepare you and your bike to make it through tech inspection and safely through the day. Gear, equipment and tons of tips for setup and tires. The registration and the importance of being in the right group. Flag signals and track etiquette. The before and during handling of your bike. How to mentally and physically prepare for the chaos you don’t even know yet. Passing and get passed, viewing and line prediction- and a lot more.

In-between all this, you’ll have plenty of track time to get use to the ‘demon’. Striving off that intimidate feel of being on a track, surrounded by riders who also signed the liability release form, and where rules are relative and bendable. Track days are often a ego driven world where the fastest dominates, and we want to prepare you for this.

thunderhill west track academy

Headcoach Can Akkaya knows what effects this might have on you and also all the situations you could get into, but he won’t go into actual riding elevating skill subjects, because you should know yourself if you are ready for track days or not. This is what our Cornering School program is good for. However, he’ll go into lines to make you- the rookie- more predictable and therefore safer. He’ll go into viewing to give you peace of mind. He’ll give you mental relaxation.

The Track We’re Using

The Thunderhill West Raceway is a perfect place to overcome those butterfly’s in your stomach.  The pace on this track is moderate and the repeating frequency is high since this is a 2 miles track. Most importantly, we’re with you in air conditioned classroom and on the track. We teach you how to deal with all this mentally and physically. We also check on your riding abilities and see if you even should consider this yet- or to get you all right in our Cornering program. The sounds, the chaos, the atmosphere come in lower doses and this will have a ‘been there- done that’ effect on you. Besides… this track is heck of fun too.

superbike-coach track rookie class at thunderhill

Once completed

… you are ready to do future track days either in B or B+ group. We highly recommend to graduate our Cornering School first though.

This class is a great way to get mentally and physically prepared for the Superbike-Coach Track Day!

  • incl. track fees

    only $259

  • Track Rookie ticket
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    Mental and Physical preparation

    Reg, tech, preparation

    Predictivity, lines, viewing

    Passing, getting passed

    Safety, flags, etiquette

    Ongoing Classroom and track sessions

    Air conditioned classroom, track fees, snacks water and course- all inclusive.

Beneficial for ‘Rookie’ Track Riders
Beneficial for ‘Intermediate’ Riders
Beneficial for ‘Advanced’ Riders

General Waivers & Rules

Waiver Track Rules

Make more out of your trip!

NEED A RENTAL BIKE?! We can help you out. Rent one of our pool bikes which are coming with gas, race tires, and transport. The fee is $190. A optional damage protection plan cost $85 (covers you to max $700 in damage, no matter how bad it is). Of course you can bring a cheaper 3rd party rental, but you won’t have that insurance, and no transportation to our track. Just opt it in the booking process.

Entrant discretion is advised: At Superbike-Coach we teach with honesty and passion. We are upfront about correcting but always with the heart to help you improve and motivate. Some people find our language colorful and our style very direct, maybe even “tough-love”— but motorcycle mistakes can have very tough consequences. So we are serious about teaching skills to ride better. Be ready for this challenge (and reward) in our classes.

Learn the full scoop of cornering in our Cornering School program

As a Superbike-Coach student, you’ll have access to discounts which are donated by our Sponsors and Partners. Go on their websites to check exactly what you want. Come back to us, and we make it happen:

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