Sponsor discounts for our students

If you’re a Superbike-Coach student you can save money on new motorcycle gear. Our Partners and Sponsors have some exclusive discounts for Superbike-Coach students. After finishing your first Superbike-Coach course, you’ll have access to the following discounts:

Free Student Ride Out

Besides the discounts from our partners and sponsors, our students are also eligible to participate at our ‘Annual Superbike-Coach Ride Out’ for free. Ride with the entire SBC team on California’s best routes, so don’t miss out to RSVP because we restricted the amount of spots. Look out for the date on our schedule.

10% off on Moto Gear custom suits

Moto Gear‘s profession is to fabricate fully customization leather suits, so not just custom sizing or “you can color this patch” kinda thing. Logos, design, special preferences… all available for a reasonable price, especially since they have a discount of 10% for Superbike-Coach students.

Orders have to go through us for approval (avoids discount code abuse), so students can email us to receive the code.

20% off on Forma Boots

Forma Boots sponsor of the Superbike-Coach CorpAll of our students will have a 20% discount at Forma Boots USA on any purchase, which comes to you free shipping. Voucher code: superbikecoach1

Forma has a wide range of boots and budgets, so there should be something for every rider. Design and quality are amazing- so don’t ya skip on this 20% off discount- ONLY with Superbike-Coach.

Free Legal Service

All Superbike-Coach students will receive one hour of free legal services. That’s a $400 value with a top-notch lawyer.

Carrillo Law Center is at heart with motorcycles and their riders are in the right place because Rafael Carrillo is not just a top notch lawyer- he is also a motorcycle rider himself.  info@carrillo2.com