Track Day, Thunderhill West Raceway


7:00 am-4:45 pm


Bookings closed


Thunderhill Raceway
5250 California 162, Willows, CA, 95988

Booking Instructions

If you also sign up for more riders- please note full names and email addresses in the ‘Comment’ field. You will receive detailed information via email within 1-2 weeks before the event. Please opt if you also would like to book a rental bike and insurance. Note: This is a ‘rain or shine’ event.

With your booking you confirm you have read and you fully agree to all of our regulations, waiver, and policy. Also read this article to prepare your track day and for further requirements and rules.


This event is fully booked. Send us an email to put you on a waiting list for this class:

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  1. John daroza
    John daroza says:

    I did my first Cornering School day and i,m going on to a track day with Coach Can and I loved the class.

    Can is supper and I learned a lot in the class .

    If you’er interested in hi performance riding this is a good place to come to , Can teaches all aspects of riding skills, and is a real X Moto GP rider who has great skills.

    Can please remember I only have a $28 dollar license and I am not so smart .

  2. david cardinal
    david cardinal says:

    I’m really looking forward to this track day.

    There were definitely some specific skills that I learned on my first cornering day. It has just made me a better everyday rider on the street. I cannot pinpoint why.

    The class was great.

    • PageAdmin
      PageAdmin says:

      You would be surprised what day 2 will do for you David.
      When are you taking advantage of it? Next day 2 on 6/12/ is almost booked out.

  3. PageAdmin
    PageAdmin says:

    we’ve changed our track day format from 7x 15 minute sessions- to 7x 20 minute sessions. We’ll start this out with the very next track day on July 3rd, and I hope you really like it and that you come out.

  4. Grant
    Grant says:

    July 30th track day was awesome, fun and I really got to apply skills learned at Superbike Coach corner classes. This makes me a much safer street rider because the skills and confidence is much more natural rather than having to think it’s more of an automatic reaction to what I see ahead of me.
    Track day is tons of fun, tons of track time and in between you can relax in a clubhouse that has a perfect front row seat to watch the current group on the track while talking to riders who just came off. Coach is always around for any questions and spends time with all the groups on the track. It’s always humbling when Can is trailing you for awhile and then blast past you giving you a wheelie as he becomes a dot in the distance. Let’s me know I have a lot more potential that I can tap into.

    So much fun, great people and the price is unbeatable!


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