Track Day, Thunderhill West Raceway


7:00 am-4:45 pm


Bookings closed


Thunderhill Raceway
5250 California 162, Willows, CA, 95988

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Booking Instructions

If you also sign up for more riders- please note full names and email addresses in the ‘Comment’ field. You will receive detailed information via email within 1-2 weeks before the event. Please opt if you also would like to book a rental bike and insurance. Note: This is a ‘rain or shine’ event.

With your booking you confirm you have read and you fully agree to all of our regulations, waiver, and policy. Also read this article to prepare your track day and for further requirements and rules.


This event is fully booked. Send us an email to put you on a waiting list for this class:

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    • PageAdmin
      PageAdmin says:

      Regular street riding gear is fair enough. Textile or leather is fine, but we require full protectors (shoulder, back, knee, ellbow).

  1. Louis
    Louis says:

    Getting all my gear together for my first track day, group D. Thanks for giving us noobs (to track days) a real chance for a track day and for my buddies with baggers a chance too. Never been to Thunderhill. Do I need to bring a pop-up canopy or is there a covered area?

  2. Yun
    Yun says:

    It says no preparation necessary but the wavier does say the tires got to be nearly new…

    is it okay to run with tires that already have 4k miles? They are bridgestone s20. Please let me know. Thanks

    • PageAdmin
      PageAdmin says:

      Well, ‘no preparation necessary’ does not mean ‘ride on unsafe tires as you wish’.
      It should be in your own interest to be as safe as possible- and that interest should go way beyond our track day.

      A real fast rider should start a track day on fresh tires, while a- let’s say group D rider does not worn tires much more as he/she does on the street. So if your tires at about 70-60%- then that should be fine.

        • PageAdmin
          PageAdmin says:

          No worries :)
          Measure tire tread at left/mid/right and compare it with a new tire of the same type. Also check if front and rear tire are not square worn.
          If you not feel confident on those for the track… put new tires on and keep those you have to put them back on for street riding.

  3. Adam
    Adam says:

    Im not sure if i will be here on the 20th. Is it possible to sign up the day before/day of if spots are still open? I’m trying to get my first track day out of the way so I can start riding in group C or B next time.

  4. Yun
    Yun says:

    I have a pair of leather jacket and leather pants, they should be attached together but they are different brands. Both do not have a zipper attached to them so I can not connect them together….

    Can I wear them at the track for group D?

  5. Kirby
    Kirby says:

    Anyone from the peninsula going to track day? I am looking for some transportation for me and my Ninja 500. I am willing to share in the costs for a trailer and gas.

  6. Kirby Kish
    Kirby Kish says:

    Anyone going to track day from the peninsula? I am looking for a ride with someone who has room on a trailer for my Ninja 500. I would be willing to share in costs.


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