Supermotard 1on1 with Can Akkaya

To ride a Supermoto bike on a small track is pretty much the coolest thing you possibly could do on two wheels, and we at Superbike-Coach are ready to get you into this- no matter if you are a street rider, or an experienced track rider.

The 1on1 coaching, and the track fees are a bit cheaper- but the fun factor to get around the track with your personal coach is a huge confidence booster. You have no Supermoto bike… we even can help with that, so check it out:

The coaches are super attentive, helpful, and chill. Coach Can’s got such a snarky sense of humor that it’s worth going to the class just to rub elbows with him in person.- A. Cohen, San Antonio, TX, Wheelie Course, Stockton 2013

What You Get

Coach’s intense feeling for your skills will give you the personalized lessons you need to be a better rider. He’s on you all day to add- and to correct existing skills. Riding a Supermoto is a total different approach, so you’ll learn specific lines- body positioning- shifting- and even backing in.

You’ll get a video, taken with Can’s HD video equipment and you’re connected via Autodirect radio with him, an experienced European championship pro. This is real practical hands-on training.  We also borrow you modern GPS technology, so we can analyze your Lap times, Split times, and Ideal lines via GPS (No purchase required!).

How It Works

If there is no Supermoto 1on1 scheduled– we work out the ‘when and where’ to go together with you, right after you’ve signed up. In case you don’t have a adequate Supermoto rental bike… we have one for you, so make sure you opt it in the booking process.

Though, this program will expose what you are lacking with. If you are not an advanced rider, we encourage you to do a Cornering class with Coach to asses if you are ready for this racing program.

Also 1on1 or small group coaching available

If you want your coaching more personalized- this program is also available as 1on1 or for small groups. The scheduling is also individual, but during weekdays only.  Click here and let us know your plan to set this up.
  • admission fee

    only $389

  • Supermotard 1on1 Ticket
    1on1 fee $389, click to check availability

    Supermoto Coaching

    1on1, up to 1on3

    KTM Rental bike available

    Video analysis

    GPS data analysis

    Note: Scheduling right after booking. Additional track fees may apply. We prefer Mondays or Tuesdays for the training.

Beneficial for ‘Just licensed’ Riders
Beneficial for ‘Novice’ Riders
Beneficial for ‘Intermediate’ Riders
Beneficial for ‘Advanced’ Riders

General Waivers & Rules

Waiver Track Rules


We can help you out. Rent our KTM520 Supermoto bike which is coming with gas, tires, and transport. The fee is $190. An optional damage protection plan of about $85 (covers you to max $700 in damage, no matter how bad it is). Of course you can bring a cheaper 3rd party rental, but you won’t have that insurance, and no transportation to our track. Just opt it in the booking process.