Welcome folks, the January 2014 newsletter is out, and yes ‘It’s all about riding motorcycles in 2014’

The subjects are

  • The new website of course
  • The Coach Blog
  • The Wheelie and Knee down classes this year
  • Also about the cornering school day
  • Our Racing Program
  • And also about our ‘Laguna Seca Special’ in August and the ‘California Tour’ right after

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Coach Can

I know that you might have noticed it already… the new page is finally done. We also changed the web hoster, so you may know what we’ve been through :-)
We also added ‘Coach’s Blog’ where I pick subjects all around bikes. Anyway, I invite you to explore that website and it features:

  • social network sharing
  • rating stars
  • leave comments
  • Coach’s Blog
  • 2014 event calendar (all coaching dates are on!)
  • Video backgrounds
  • and much more

Use comment section below for your feedback!

Coach Can

Just a new year resolution

New year is here… oh hold on, racers think in ‚racing seasons‘ actually… you don’t become old that way you know.  It’ll just reminds you that you have something like an „expiration date“, especially as a pro. Time is a factor in many ways in racing.

However, the Christmas food was fantastic of course, as also the New Years party hangover. Now let’s get back on the treadmill  to get rid of that fat belly and to stick with the self-imposed new year resolution “to make the breakthrough this year” and that’s a top priority goal, every racer has to have, from the novice to the top-no Read more