Can Akkaya raced German IDM

Very soon…

…the racers getting out of the ‘winter silence’ and come back into the light. The draft-carousel has slowing down, and hopefully everybody has a safe seat for the new racing season. The best seats in this little elitist world are long gone of course… quite rightly.

Tcha, and the off-season of the elite guys is pretty short. Their break is too short to become worried, but not for those guys who are on the way to the elite. They are still doomed and hoping to get ‚something‘ out of the Sponsor Odyssey, without getting hurt by the in the game involved rejections.

Don’t give up hope, cuz‘ very soon, your for a BBQ working like a dog mechanic will push you out of the dim

garage into the sunlight of the pit lane. Then, nothing else matters as just you, those fn… three miles per lap, and to squeeze these unlasting ‚One-Minute-Whatsoever‘ out of this hotter getting machine among your ass.

But even though for the elite teams it is uncommon to get a ‚external-big bran

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We’re doing the first Braking Seminar of the year folks.

Come to this A&S Powersports Cycle Fest and find out everything you need to know about braking!

Beginners will learn the right way to use motorcycle brakes.
Intermediate riders will find out what they do and don’t know.
Advanced riders will learn more effective techniques.
Topics covered will include:
Types of braking, their logic and technical differences.
Physics and G-forces.
Rear brake usage.
Trail braking advantage.
Racing vs Street riding.

Best of all… it’s free! So come and get it on March 22 at 1pm at

A&S Powersports
1125 Orlando Ave
Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 726-7334


we just published the March 2014 Newsletter.  Subjects are:

  • Introducing our 2014 sponsors: K&N Racing Filters, Bel-Ray Oils, BikeMaster, ReplayXD, Brocks Performance, BST Carbon Wheels, Lacomoto, Zeta, Dynojet Research, Axo Gear, Shorai Batteries, Autocom, Davis Technologies, Race Tech Suspensions, and Dunlop USA
  • Wheelie Course May 18th already 50% booked
  • One discounted spot left for a 1on4 in Laguna Seca
  • The Cornering School Day on March 30th is considered street rider training
  • Free coaching comes with a Feel Like A Pro bike rental

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