Why I Consider Rider Education In California A Joke – Part 2/3

As you might remember from reading part 1- I still consider the general motorcycle rider education nothing else as a joke. That hasn’t much changed since then, so I’d like to make riders aware of these things, and not to bend down too early for that shiny thing… it’s maybe not gold, even when it looks like it…

OK, do you agree with me that ‘reading’ a book about the Alps is different as actually ‘being’ in the Alps?!  Motorcycle riding is not a static 1- 2- 3- thing… this is loaded with emotions, variables and ‘feelings’.  It’s not just black and white- but lots of gray zones. A book can’t make you feeling these things, and it’s on the imagination of its reader how the content… has found a place on his/her mind. In other words… what if you read a book about how to ride a motorcycle- but your imagination gives you a other understanding about it?! The result

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