MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI am so pleased to have BikeMaster on my side. These guys really rock. I’ve never seen a company that crazy and enthusiastic about bikes- maybe this is why this relationship has been successful since 3 years now.

BikeMaster is specialized with tools and garage equipment. A pro mechanic- or a hobby technician find with them what they need for the job… way cheaper though, because BikeMaster has by far the most reliable pricing.

All Superbike-Coach school and rental bike are having BikeMaster parts on them and are well maintained with BikeMaster tools and oils. Even our transport equipment depends on them. Racing stands, tie downs, ramps… everything. In other words… BikeMaster is a huge part of the Superbike-Coach development and success.

BikeMaster was even in our ‘MotoGP Project Bike’ involved, for which we needed proper tools to get things done. But that’s not all. BikeMasters portfolio has everything what you need if you like to get things done yourself: batteries, mirrors, lights, fluids, cleaner, special tools, garage equipment, and much more- like the most sexiest race stands from aluminum I’ve ever seen.

Check it out: www.bikemaster.com


I am looking so much forward to the Cornering School Day 1 on coming Sunday. Not just because I haven’t got my Supermotard out in a while- also because the weather forecast announces friendly 70f.

The class was sold out, but one spot became available again. This is the way to get in quick: https://www.superbike-coach.com/events/cornering-school-day-1




I’d love to announce that our relationship with Axo USA goes into its 3rd year, which I believe should be a good review already… because what’s good for our coaches- is good for you!

DSCF8320Axo’s quality/price ratio is extremely healthy and the look and feel of their suits are very good- but what I like the most with this relationship is, that Axo is donating 40% off discounts for our students !!!!

Let me put it in a nut shell to make clear what this can mean for you:

  • An Indy leather suits goes for $1000
  • And let’s say you also want some cool K4-R gloves which are $140
  • You of course need some extra protection for your back, $88

All of that goes to you for only $737, which is in savings: $491, just by being a Superbike-Coach student. Money which you could use for a better rider education, so that you hopefully never going to ruin that sweet suit.

So no matter what you are looking for… women suits, 1-piece or 2-piece suits, dirt bike gear or whatsoever in accessories… don’t forget that I’ll have that 40% off discount for ya on your total purchase! Don’t ya think that this is cheap stuff- that discount is only available as our student.