Sorry folks, but we had to reschedule the Knee down class from May 30 to May 23rd, and the Wheelie Course from May 31 to May 24th. We hope that this is no big deal for you, since there is plenty of time to move things around. If it does not work for you, we are more than happy to transfer you to the next available classes- or refund your money of course.


First of all… when we’re talking about Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires, then we’re talking about Sportbike Upgrade, Inc. is the Bridgestone race tire distributor supporting AFM Racing in Northern California and OMRRA/WMRRA in Oregon and Washington. They offer the full line of Bridgestone Battlax Racing slicks, Battlax R10 DOT Race, Supermoto and rain tires to racers and track day riders throughout the West Coast and nationwide.

Superbike-Coach has Bridgestone tires installed on all school vehicles, from the project bike to our rentals, Supermotard and trucks, and we will do an article on Coach’s Motorcycle Bible soon which explains how and why to chose the correct tire and compound.

But what they do for our students is pretty cool:

Sportbike_Upgrade_ Header_112614

I love these guys, and whats good for me or even MotoGP… that should be good for you. Think about it!