I am very happy to introduce our school rental bike… a Kawasaki Ninja 250.

Superbike-Coach's new school rental bike. That little Ninja 250 is the perfect equipment to get that knee down or to learn from A - Z in our Cornering School Day program... heck of fun to ride... no torque games in your head- only me sitting on both of your brain halfs all day

Superbike-Coach’s new school rental bike. That little Ninja 250 is the perfect equipment to get that knee down or to learn from A – Z in our Cornering School Day program… heck of fun to ride… no torque games in your head- only me sitting on both of your brain halfs all day

Even though i actually prefer when my students are using their own bikes- which should make lot’s of sense- we added this baby to or fleet because we welcome many riders from all over the world. So where ever you from… we got your ride which fits perfectly into our Knee Down classes, and Cornering School Days. Also for people interesting who always wanted to do a Track Drill 1on1 with me, but the distance was too far to bring the own bike- or other rentals which you can use on a race track are way too expensive.

This little thang is a beast actually, and makes you forget those torque games in your head, so that is comes down to learning the right things in my class- and not the bike. The rental fee is $230 but includes a ton:

  • Transport to/off the track
  • Gas
  • Bridgestone race tires
  • Optional Insurance $70 (covers all damage above $700)

So whatever drives you to have a rental to learn on a race track- travel, no bike or worried- Superbike-Coach got your back!

Coach Can Akkaya

Every year I’d like introduce our sponsors to you. Some are new in the family- and others are with Superbike-Coach since I was a ‘heat seeking missile’ in Europe’s international pro racing scene:

So yes, I am connected with some of these big brands with quite a story. With ‘Arai Helmets’ for example. I remember I started watching racing on TV, and there was that American guy whom impressed me so much that I wanted to get into racing myself. Freddie Spencer was his name, and he had that fascinating red-white and blue colored lid which I wanted so much, that I saved every cent to buy me one. Couldn’t make it all the way so I was bagging my dad to help me whit what was missing. I totaled two Arai’s before I made it into racing- one of them so bad, that I would not write these lines if I hadn’t a Arai helmet on at that time. In fact I started racing in a Arai- but had to change due to a sponsorship with a other brand.

Can Akkaya

Can Akkaya and Arai Helmets

I still regret, but I needed every German Mark so I sold my loved Arai. Even I was locked to that other brand, I always wanted to change to Arai- but the offer was too generous to go away. So I never get into a sponsorship with Arai while I was racing the European Championship series, which is the second highest level of racing on this planet.

Years after I retired from pro racing, as my book ’25 seconds’ brought me back on track to teach… I got sponsored by Arai Helmets Europe. Five years later I finally immigrated to the United States, and after establishing the Superbike-Coach Corp… Arai Helmets Americas took over to continue the relationship. And here are all of them:

Their products rounding up your hobby, on the bike- and in the garage. Parts and tools is what they are doing, and the prices are low!.  BikeMaster is also involved with the ‘MotoGP Project Bike’. Coach Can about BikeMaster: “I am happy to have these guys on-board. We’re using their Oil, chains, cleaners and tools. Basically all the stuff you need to keep that motor running. I actually also love their philosophy and enthusiasm about bikes”. Use the Dealer Locator to  find a dealer near you. If a dealer doesn’t have stock on the items you need, they can be ordered and you should generally receive them in less than a few days.

Motorcycles have their own specialized tire needs, and Bridgestone understands them well, developing high- performance tires for personal use and professional racing. Within the motorcycle racing circuit, Bridgestone has established a name for itself by providing tires that deliver the grip, balance, and cornering ability that have carried riders to victory over dirt and asphalt alike. Bridgestone tires combine the strength and safety to put you in harmony with your machine. And so does headcoach Can Akkaya use Bridgestone tires for his street- race- and Supermotard: “Whatever my purpose is… Bridgestone has the right tire for me and the right compounds!”

In 1940 Clyde Wiseman ventured into his garage on the East Side of Cleveland, Ohio and began producing pistons for himself and a few friends. Word of his high quality work spread quickly, and in 1941 Wiseco Piston was established to service the needs of motorsports enthusiasts. And so does headcoach Can Akkaya use all kinds of Wiseco engine products for his street- race- and Supermotard: “I need to have a deep trust in the parts my mechanic puts in one of my revised engine. No matter what it is… Wiseco Titanium vale kits, high compressing pistons, rods, or even their gasket kits… I have that deep trust that these things are working 100%- in regard to power and a damn long life!”

Axo America Inc is Superbike-Coache’s newest sponsor and is local to Santa Clarita, CA,  Its outstanding quality standards is coming from the factory in Istrana, Italy.  So no China/Pakistan junk- but still affordable. Coach Can: “We have a special relationship with Axo USA. These guys supply European racing teams.  We love the quality, and they love Superbike-Coach” Our clients have an advantage in cause of this relationship:  Axo is no cheap stuff, and gives ONLY our clients a 40% off discount… No matter what you need, street or dirt gear, a 40% off from Superbike-Coach is a huge deal.

Bel-Ray continues the sponsorship with Superbike-Coache’s in 2015.  These guys know the need of every engine to keep its performance. William (Bill) Kiefer started the company in his family’s suburban New Jersey garage, specializing in high temperature bakery lubricants. Coach Can: “Bel-Ray lubricants are all over Superbike-Coach school bikes, and I can’t find one reason to change. Just my project bike with that high performance engine needs pretty much everything Bel-Ray has to offer… engine, transmission, suspensions, coolant, brake fluids, grease, chain spray, and cleaners!”

My grandma use to say… “You’ve gotta have Italian shoes. Basta!” As I’ve been for year on the search for the right motorcycle boots- which are fulfilling my relatively high standards in my gear as a professional rider- I found out that she was right! Forma boots are developed with high-end materials on a very high quality level, and the look is fantastic. 2015 is the 3rd year I’ve been using Forma Boots for their quality- durability- safety- and design. These guys are bike enthusiasts and we love their passion- and they love what Superbike- Coach does- which is why Forma is donating a 20% off discount (code: superbikecoach1) for all of our students- plus free shipping! How cool is that?!

Racer Gloves USA is the culmination of 25+ years in the motorcycle and apparel industries for company founder Lee Block. Riding motorcycles since the age of 8, Lee has been a lifelong motorcyclist.  A former Loudon, New Hampshire road racer in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Lee has raced a variety of motorcycles at racetracks across the country. Residing in California since 1997, his current motorcycle collection consists of both street, road race, and off-road motorcycles. Racer Gloves USA’s mission is to bring you premium quality products that make your riding experience safer and more enjoyable. Racer Gloves USA is donating 10% off discounts (voucher code available) for all of our students- plus free shipping! Sweet huh?!

IMG_2987We’re supporting motorcycle clubs and meetup group organizers.

Here is a list of a couple of meetup motorcycle groups, where we have 10% off discounts on our Cornering School Day’s for their members: Groups Rides, Slomo Riders, Calspeed Moto Riders, San Jose Motorcycle Riders, and NorCal FastFar Rider.

Only members are getting that discount from them, so why don’t you look at one of these groups- have rides with them- and meet new friends. Organize meetups yourselves or just have a good time with riding buddies.

Club/Group sponsor requests here