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I know many of you are waiting for a long time for this one… a new date for the rescheduled Cornering School Day 3. We got it finally done and I am just hoping that everyone of you can make this one:

August 9th 2015

If you haven’t sign up for this one and you’ve absolved CSD-2 already, then this is the link to do it quickly:

If you already booked/paid, but August 9th doesn’t work for you, then maybe our CSD-3 on September 20th would work better for you. If both CSD-3 dates don’t work for you… there will be a 2016 schedule in December coming out- or you simply request a refund.

However… I’m happy to finally have that thang off the table :-)


Spend a nice evening with Coach Can at Black Bear Diner and listen to his favorite subject “What’s between those ears”. Come to meet the Woman On Wheels chapter ( meet up event:

  • Black Bear Diner at 2700 El Centro Road, Sacramento, CA 95833
  • Date: 6/16/2015
  • Time: 7:00pm
Can Akkaya, Headcoach of the Superbike-Coach Corp, 2014

Can Akkaya, Headcoach of the Superbike-Coach Corp, 2014

I think I said that last year and get lots of doubtful looks for it- I said that if Marquez would have to deal with a Casey Stoner- or an motivated Lorenzo- or Rossi back in form… he would never have been a world champion. But don’t get me wrong… I like his aggressive- up to arrogant riding style, but he has kinda the same easy to calculate weak spot which also Max Biaggi had… his ego runs him in trouble.

Simple said… if you show him your front wheel during braking travel- Marc would let go off the brake. It’s easy to figure him out for highly experienced guys like Rossi and Lorenzo who learned to control their temper. And it will become worse, when his temper runs him in total madness, which can be the beginning of the end in terms of injuries and motivation.

Of course it’s not the front wheel. In Mugello, Marc was on a permanent fighting line- where there was no sense for fighting lines. Instead of setting up the Ducati in front of him for a clean pass on the brakes- he went off the line in the left turn to eventually pass on the flick into the right. This made him going a tighter line into the right. The second mistake was that he  miss judged the speed for that particular line because he still tried to attack the Duc. Totally senseless loss of points.

Long way to go, and when competition bites back you gotta be smarter then that. A championship isn’t won in the first three laps of a single race. This is consistency, calculated risks, strategic thinking and learning- not overdoing. If he keeps this attitude up- he ends up where Pedrosa is today.

Headcoach Can Akkaya

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