We had lots of fun with this video, and it will put you a smile on your face as well. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation like this though, so enjoy the video first to get something out of it, and then keep reading with our article, and watch the tip video we made, and read the little article below:

So here is how Pro’s doing it in a minute- without any damage and injuries. Let’s have a look on the equipment base you need to have to get the job all by yourself done.

  • Pickup truck with at least space for one motorcycle in width and length, and at least for hooks to tie-down
  • Long (reduces the ankle to the truck bed) fold-able bike ramp, which is very wide (walking path) as well
  • One short tie-down to secure the ramp down to the truck
  • Universal Roll-On Stand for single operation
  • At least two heavy-duty buckle zip (ratchets were yesterday!) tie-downs with swivel hooks
  • At least one rubber tie to transport and secure the bike ramp on the truck

From here we let Headcoach Can Akkaya from Superbike-Coach take over to explain the process:

Read the process in detail here: https://www.superbike-coach.com/coachs-blog/coachs-motorcycle-support

I am so blessed with what I can do, and feel honored getting hundreds of student testimonials and 5 star reviews on Yelp, Google, on Facebook, or directly via email which you can all find here.

I have gone to Z2 for novice school (C group track day), Rich Oliver Mystery Camp, Total Control Advanced Rider Course, Alameda County Sheriff Dual-Purpose Class, Road Rider 2.0 and MSF. And although they are all good and all different, I learned the most from Coach’s CSD classes and guess what? THESE CLASSES COST THE LEAST OF THEM ALL.- Helen M. (Yelp review), Cornering School Day 1 and 2

Especially the Cornering School program means a lot to me, and I look forward to hear back from my students when all the coaching, drills and sweat really kicked in for them.

We also found students witing about Superbike-Coach on their websites. Enjoy:

Headcoach Can Akkaya