is the premier calendar of all your favorite group rides and events under one roof.
From local day rides, to regional adventure rides to multi-day road trips. From moto shows, to demo days, to bike nights and special events.

Superbike-Coach loves also their Meetup Group Forum because it brings like-minded people together and builds friendships- kinda what’s happening in our Cornering School Day’s.

Give them a shot and register free to join their riding events in the Bay area. I will join some of their rides as well so wee might meet and ride together.

group rides with superbike-coach

Best regards and a Happy new year!

Headcoach Can Akkaya


Gift Certyificates by Superbike-coach

I use to be ‘late minute’ with Christmas gifts, so I feel ya :-)

So how about a very cool Superbike-Coach gift certificate to get this done wit a:

  • Cornering School Day
  • Wheelie Course
  • Knee Down Course
  • Motorcycle Preparation class
  • or a Track Day

Pick a category and date here, and sign up for the gift receiver. Let us know in an email that you need a gift certificate and for who it’s going to be, and we’ll send you everything via email attachment… easy and quick.

Merry Christmas!

Only one more month to go and we welcome a new year. Lots of things around Superbike-Coach happened in 2015, and it seems that it will keep going like this also in 2016. But let’s reflect this riding season a little bit first, which kind of ended with a dramatic MotoGP World Champion title for Jorge Lorenzo- even with a little support.

If you maybe think I am a Rossi, Lorenzo or Marquez fan- you would be very wrong. When I am watching a race, then it’s about their performances, which is not restricted to one single racer. I herd Rossi fans saying that Lorenzo does not deserve the title, which is non-sense because Jorge’s performance in the qualifying are showing that he would have make it with or without Marquez. In other words… he really earned that title because he made less mistakes. In fact, Rossi couldn’t go the pace of the trio ahead, which was going slower as they could go- so I don’t see why all the pain and the hate right now. I feel bad for Vale because I believe that his goal is it to at least equalize Giacomo Agostini’s record of 14 world champion titles, so I hope he keeps going for it.

Let’s see what Superbike-Coach has accomplished in 2015- and still has to with one more Cornering School Day 2 on 12/6/ to go. You can fence our 2015 in with one sentence… all classes Superbike-Coach ran were booked out, and waiting lists were growing on almost each class… and all of it by word-of-mouth!

Let’s think about this for a second what that means… Superbike-Coach must be kinda good, doesn’t it?! A bed of roses- or a walk in the park?… by far not. I can tell you stories what I’ve been through- oh man. I just drop some words… I got threatened, deceived, betrayed, and copied… many times. But I never surrendered and my students are coming back because they know that Superbike-Coach is different- is first hand stuff which makes them being the better rider. Basta! :-)

Our 2016 schedule is filling quickly with all kinds of classes, also two new programs- ‘Motorcycle Preparation Workshop‘ and ‘Track Days’, which is a gigantic risk. Both only once per year for now, so make your plans for it. Superbike-Coach will be also in 2016 different, unique and efficient…. promise!

I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance folks! See ya in 2016.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach


Unfortunately I have to reschedule your Cornering Day 2 which was planned for coming Sunday. The weather forecast is changing all the time (50% chance of rain), so I need to do this due to rain and low temperatures for safety reasons.

I was looking much forward to see everyone again, but hey… we’ll get there as usual. Don’t worry- you won’t lose spot/money. We’ll change the planned CSD-1 on 2/21/16 to a CSD-2, so this is your new date folks. If the date won’t work for you… go here to pick a other one. So please respond with a smooth ‘OK’- or a other date you’d prefer.

Anyway, the new date will make sense for many of you who are also doing my 1st track day on March 20th.

Coach Can