Last Sunday’s CSD-1 class

I was pretty close to decide to reschedule last Sunday’s CSD-1 class, but I’m glad I didn’t. The weather conditions couldn’t be any better for a day in January. OK, our new coffee machine helped to bridge that cold hour in the morning well :)

Though, from the rain the day before, we had a pond on the inside of turn 6, but we ‘fixed’ it with some cones. I personally hated it because it takes my drive out of that section- but it didn’t bother any student, especially not their eager to learn.

As usual we could welcome all kinds of riders and bikes… from an Police officer, Fireman, Lawyers, and Plumbers on sport bikes, touring and cruisers.

Here are some featured pictures by Superbike-Coach photographer Dean Lonskey who uploaded about 2500 images for a FREE download here:


Bunch of Track Drill 1on1 dates added

We’ve just added a bunch of Track Drill 1on1 dates. Check it out:

We are back ‘home’ with Dunlop

Can Akkaya raced and coaches on Dunlop tires

This relationship with Coach Can Akkaya goes back to about 30 years- when Coach raced for Honda the German IDM pro series. Can won many races and pole positions on Dunlop’s, so he knows what this brand is capable of.

Wiseco goes into the 2nd year with Superbike-Coach

Their portfolio covers almost every bike. High performance engine parts are making our bikes stronger and more reliable- so it could do the job on your bike as well. We are very proud of this relationship.

wiseco is a proud sponsor of the superbike-coach corp

Bel Ray goes into the third year partnership with Superbike-Coach

We are super happy about it. Their product portfolio covers everything what our bikes need. Bel Ray is all about quality, with their products and service. Coach Can already works on a review video, to give you an idea of Bel Ray’s spectrum and about where and how to use it: “We’re using only Bel Ray lubricants on our school fleet”

Superbike-Coach uses Bel Ray only