I am glad to finally announce they we’ve launched a Mobile phone friendly Superbike-Coach website.

We’ve tried to really keep it simple and I hope we’ve been successful with that goal by not giving up on essential information and functionality at the same time. maybe you just go and test the page for us. For your help we want to thank you with a 50% off discount on our Cornering Day 1 class on 9/25/16

Superbike-Coach Mobile WebsiteBe the first one who uses this 1-time code to redeem the discount: mobileTHX

So I look forward to hear from you how it went, and your feedback for quick adjustments. Look it up on your phone:

Thx, Headcoach Can Akkaya

You’ve been warned, so don’t you dare asking me to squeeze you in ‘somehow’ :-)
So now to the riders who are still don’t know if Superbike-Coach is good for them or not… you keep thinking that your next track day will fix you up. You’re wrong sunshine! I am having a 85% success rate… just like with this guy here, who never tried to drag the knee before… now he does (and he was quite surprised as you can see :)
So get your shit together and sign up early for my knee down class in 2017
Headcoach Can Akkaya

Yep… it is coming up again… quicker as you may think. So if you don’t want to miss it again, then I suggest to grab one of the last available spots:

This is Pete btw, who attended the Wheelie class back in May! Pete, a wheelie course graduate

No trick- no pitch… these classes will book out in the next 3 weeks… guaranteed!


And another CSD-1 class has been done. Lots of better riders and happy people are coming out of it, who left their public reviews for others to come. Here are Dean Lonskeys featured pics which are amazing, and best of all… all pics (about 1800) coming free of charge for our students. Only with Superbike-Coach! The question is… when are you coming?!

UPDATE: Pics are ready for free download now: https://dlonskeyphoto.smugmug.com/

Day 4 is for the more sophisticated rider to track day or even racing ambitions, and who has graduated Superbike-Coach’s Cornering School program Day 1, 2, and 3. Likewise all other days- day 4 will have a bunch of features:

  • map exampleMore 1st hand subjects by Coach Can Akkaya: Track/Racing dynamics- Orientation points- Late braking- Passing in perfection- Reading lines
  • Perfectly set classroom and track sessions on our track in Stockton CA
  • Changing track layouts in Day 4
  • GPS analysis
  • Video analysis
  • Lap times

But don’t worry- even if track riding or racing isn’t your goal- this Day 4 isn’t that wrong for you anyway. It is more training with Coach Can Akkaya, and it kinda gives you a look behind the ‘racing curtain’. Always changing track layouts and passing all over the track puts you onto a challenging place.

Cornering School Day 4 will be available in 2017 only once, so have the schedule bookmarked to lock a spot to your name. We are looking forward to see you again!

Superbike-Coach Cornering School Day 3

As announced multiple times already, the day finally has come to shift your Day 3 class (from Dec 12th). Please make/change plans accordingly. The new date is: November 6th 2016


 Once more a Superbike-Coach track day was booked out, and I believe that Dean Lonskey’s pictures are telling the story. I can’t be more proud for my team which puts back into it big time. So here are Deans featured pictures first, and wait for all the pictures within this week. Enjoy!