Can Akkaya official coach of the United States Air Force

Can Akkaya official coach of the United States Air Force Beale Base

The Air Force Safety Center in Albuquerque New Mexico officially approved the Superbike Coach Cornering School program to train advanced motorcycle riding techniques to its members.  The Air Force will provide training for it’s memebers to attend Can Akkaya’s school, which includes classroom and track sessions.

Can Akkaya, Headcoach of the Superbike-Coach Corp, 2014

Can Akkaya, Headcoach of the Superbike-Coach

I’m coming such a long way. From the scratch- up to professional racing. Then starting teaching from the scratch- up to Superbike-Coach. Immigrating to the country of my heart and starting life from the scratch again to be a coach for the US Air Force today. I can’t emphasize how much I feel honored right now! Can Akkaya, Headcoach

The Beale Air Force base was seeking contact to the Superbike-Coach Corp in need for a appropriate and efficient motorcycle riding school to train their soldiers and to reduce injuries. An advanced cornering training which is held in an controlled environment which is designed to corner by cornering specialists.

UPDATE: Replacement date for the cancelled 9/18/ class will be 10/1/2016


Unfortunately Coach Can Akkaya had to be hospitalized last Saturday morning so that we had to cancel the last Cornering Day 2 class, Sunday 9/18/16.

The good news are- he’s doing much better now and he is back home to rehabilitate. Everyone who knows him can picture that he won’t sit still until he has a new date to reschedule this class.

We’ll be back with the news very soon, so please keep optimistic. Thanks to everyone for leaving their condolences for coach.

SBC Admin

This question hits racers, teams, managers and event organizers every year. Stuff like this is off topic for the public of course, so this article is not addressed to you- but maybe interesting enough to get an idea what’s going on in motorcycle racing for example.

When you start amateur racing, then there is a bunch of stuff going on in your head, also this… dreams, hope, wish-thinking. Yea, I know, I was there too so give me a break. So what’s happening from September till March is that thousands and thousands of athletes worldwide are looking naively for monetary support by RedBull with a 10 years contract… literally.  So here is what I’ve learned as I walked from the slowest amateur racer to a professional racer who almost made it to MotoGP.

Yea, I can hear voices saying again: ‘that was long time ago’, but believe me… nothing has been changed much. Well we have the internet and social media and blogs now too, and it seems that this should help to get to potential sponsors- whil I actually believe it makes it harder FOR the sponsor to pick the right horse since everyone tuned to a keyboard jockey and blows up Youtube with gazillions of gigabytes of more or less senseless 20 minutes track sessions. Am I sound mean? No, I just try to open your mind for whats wrong and whats right, so stick with me and let me show you first where all the wish-thinking like this brought us…

There is that couple who of course believe that their son is the next Marc Marquez. That’s totally fine of course, but blaming the entire industry for making all those mistakes in regard ‘our future talents’ is not quite correct. A promising lap on some go kart seems to deliver enough arguments for getting a Monster Energy contract, but this demanding attitude produces two psychological dead end roads…

  1. amateur racers getting the idea that racing without sponsors is not going anywhere and give up
  2. potential talents are not even start to race without having sponsors

I received a call from a Mom, asking me to support their kid by paying their racing fuel. After I told her that I competed against 120 racers to even qualify for an amateur race, and that I didn’t had money for racing fuel either… and that I also had to use slick tires in rain, and also that I kicked ass anyway, and that exactly that’s why I got my first check from a sponsor… she hung up on me. What’s that called… to much reality check?!

It takes many years of sweat and blood to make people believe in a racer. There is a relationship growing which builds something very important… a shield of loyalty, which kicks in when your results are not good sometimes.

Superbike-Coach want’s to say ‘Thank’s for your service’, and to give US Veterans a 50% off discount on our Cornering School Days program. This discount is available until we publishing out 2017 schedule, so you better go for it now soldier :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach