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Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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Get a $300 gift certificate (credit) on any classes or track days we run for only $270 and save 30 bux. This is the link:

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Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach

Seems the weather doesn’t play along. There is a 60% precipitation for rain, which would make it unpleasant for all of us. Please don’t be worried about your fees or even worse- your spot. This is Superbike-Coach, and we’re always working things out for the good! I will make a final decision on Friday night and let you know. If I cancel 11/20/, then we’ll coming with a date to reschedule ASAP.

Best regards,

Can Akkaya

Superbike-Coach Corp.

proud rider trainer of the US-Air Force

All FREE OF CHARGE pictures of last Sundays Day 3 class are on the Superbike-Coach gallery for download. Here is one of my favorite pics

Headcoach Can Akkaya



3rd of November it is!
It was back in 2008, on November 3rd when we left Germany in tears and scared- not knowing what we would run into. Looking back now I can say that it was everything but easy, and big boulders to take out of our path (and still working on some :) ).
Do I regret anything???… yeah… that I haven’t left Germany earlier to be in California!!!