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We hope to see you- or again- in our classes or track days.
Can Akkaya, Headcoach
Superbike-Coach Corp

Our Mini Track Day on 12/18/2016 has been cancelled.

Emails to the spot holders went out yesterday 12/16/2016.


2016 was kinda wired and it took a lot away from all of us. Just to name Prince, David Bowie, and just now John Glenn. Terror and hate crime hasn’t been higher- Car drivers got even more nuts I believe- and a election which can’t be more controversy. So I’m not too crazy about 2016, even it also had some positives… like that the economy picked up- The Chicago Cubs won the World series- Gas got a little cheaper- and the Broncos won the Superbowl. “Is that it?!”… no, because at that point i am happy to share a wonderful hobby with you- which kinda sets us apart from all the negatives, doesn’t it? Leaving 2016 also makes me being thankful to have met hundreds and hundreds of riders- to have received their trust and respect- For a family I can’t be more proud of- and for becoming official rider coach of the US-Air Force. I want to thank my team- Marion, Dean, Gary, Kevin, and Vincent- for their loyalty and their ‘maximum effort’ attitude, to help making Superbike-Coach to what it is today. I look so much forward working with them again to organize track days, and classes which nobody else could do the way Superbike-Coach does. Hope you like the info and news below and that I will see you soon.
Merry Christmas & a Happy new Year!

Headcoach Can Akkaya

Superbike-Coach-T-Shirts-Military-greenHere it is… the Superbike-Coach T-shirt.

Finally I must say, because you guys have been asking for it so many times. But now it’s available and I am very happy about it. It comes in original color like the coach shirts, in Military Green which we do to honor the United States Armed Forces.

Best of all… the SBC logo will be on the chest and on the back as a DTG print, and is available in pretty much all sizes.. We start out with female and male shirts and we’ll add hoodies and sweaters later.

I am also super happy that we could keep the price low with $24

Get your Superbike-Coach shirt today

Headcoach Can Akkaya

K&N published a article about Superbike-Coach, written by Tim Kessel


We finally got a movie done about our Knee Down program. Hope you like it and subscribe our YouTube channel too: