Protecting the gas tank with some kind of pads makes sense in multiple ways. Let’s just name scratch protection, resale value, or upgrading looks. For me, and that goes for decades of riding on and off race tracks- the main reason is to stay in place where I want. In fact- I am almost ‘abusing’ my gas tanks. Here is how:

  • Squeezing knees in the tank cove pads while braking (keeps weight low and in the rear AMAP)
  • Dragging ass over the seat to the other side by pressing outside knee in the tank pad

There are some products on the market, but my requirements are narrowing it down, especially since i have a healthy wear of those tank pads. I always end up with TechSpec Gripster Tank Pads for some good reasons also for my Ducati Panigale 1199R:

  • Easy to install (smooth material)
  • Looking real good (that’s clearly individual preference)
  • Giving the right amount of hold (other products killing your gear)
  • Reliable (protect function and price)
  • Easy to remove/replace (no stain, no paint killer)

TechSpec’s theory of achieving a solid grip is based on material properties and surface area contact. Their products are available in two materials: Snake Skin and the XLine.

What I personally like is that I easily could customize a pad if necessary.  We have TechSpec pads mounted on all Superbike-Coach bikes. Especially on our Supermotards, the wheelie 1on1 bike and the rental bikes, because they give the hold on to the gas tank my students need once that front wheel goes up. TechSpec even makes installation videos which shows how easy it is:

So, my recommendation to you is… what’s good for me should be good for you. I think that this is one of the first upgrades a rider should do to the motorcycle. Not just before scratches even happen… also to not to miss out on that extra hold when you might need it the most… in an emergency braking maneuver.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

I think that this was a wheelie course with a success rate of 65%.

Most students had the right attitude and spirit for it, but the entire class was high energy- that’s for sure. The nature of this class brings me and my team, mentally and physically to the absolute limit so that some might get it quite harsh. In the end it just shows our passion to make everyone being successful.

Superbike-Coach puts some equipment on the ground to deliver something very unique. Besides the coaching we had our mini-wheelie bike make them look like kids having fun. The wheelie machine is some bad ass equipment which give rider the feel for the balance point and throttle control. My Supermotard is included to have 1on1 time with me, and we have a brand new KTM Supermotard with my wheelie bar as a rental…

What else to ask for huh?!… a safe as possible and legal place?… bad ass coaching?… free photography, snacks and drinks?! YES, all of this as well.

We’re feeling with the two crashed riders, but we are hell of happy that no one got hurt and that your spirits are unbroken. Very impressed I am :-)

My friend Chris from Germany could help where ever it was needed , and he could get quite a picture of the ‘high-voltage’ environment we at Superbike-Coach are running.

Photographer Dean Lonskey made thousands of pics and some video. All of it comes free of charge by the end of the week. Till then… here are some featured pics. Enjoy! :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

How does a success rate of 85% sound like?…

We’ve got riders coming in from all over the U.S., Canada and Hong Kong, and we had them all on their knees! Nobody got hurt, even though we had a couple of crashes on the record with our mini bike which has been included in this program. Paying for a damage to it?… no, not at Superbike-Coach but pure fun, thrill and action instead.

Everyone went back home with a big smile on the face, and that is what drives me. Thanks to my team for being so passionate and loyal.

Superbike-Coach photographer Dean Lonskey made amazing shots of our students and he has an eye to showcase the atmosphere of this class, doesn’t he? He could pick some featured pictures to shorten the waiting time until he’s got thousands of pics ready for FREE download.

Not just that is only with Superbike-Coach… this here too… riders who couldn’t get it done somewhere else, but with Superbike-Coach !!!


The Superbike-Coach Cornering School program is extremely popular.  We have riders coming from all over the United States and some students even coming from overseas. That riders are taking Day 1, and that they are coming back for Days 2 & 3 says a lot about it, too. Spreading the Days out over a longer (but oversee-able) period of time makes sense in multiple ways:

  • It’s less overwhelming for the student
  • The student has a decent amount of time before the next Day for track time and to work on drills.
  • The Days follow a logical subject order.  So, the student efficiently builds up to the next class.
  • Taking plenty of time between Days helps to mentally settle and fine tune subjects before moving on
  • And, it allows me to see if a student is ready to attack the next step or if they need more help.

This class offers a full spectrum of cornering—from A to Z.  Needless to say, we’re welcoming all types/levels of riders to this program.  But, we often get emails from riders who are trying to find a way around taking “Day 1”.  Which, is often incorrectly seen as the “beginner level”, especially by the more experienced rider- who can’t seem to grasp the deeper value of the class as a whole.  They tend to see these classes superficially—but more on this later.

SBC student Ryan George started on a pretty low rider level with Day 1. He is a A-group rider today!

So, take the typical track rider who fits in this scenario pretty well… On the top of his/her wish list is the subject of “Body Positioning”.  They’ll ask “Can’t you teach me just that?” or they’ll say “I suck at counter-steering.  But I don’t want to do the other subjects!”  This is when my logic kicks in and says… “But, if you don’t have THIS subject down, then you can’t be very good at all the other stuff, can ya?!”

In fact, once this rider gets into the class, some of subjects are not even known. Or they have been wrongly taught in the copying process used by other riding schools.  Which, actually means that you should not try to skip subjects and try to just grab the one skill you think you might need—like candy in a damn store. You actually hurt yourself because you’re skipping out on something extremely powerful.

Cuz’… I can help you put your mindset in the right place. I teach you how to keep ego and emotions in check. I know about the mental state of a rider (maybe more than anyone else).  Even if you lack confidence, you don’t need to be ashamed of it.  I will change the way you look at things, which often goes way beyond riding bikes. I can help change your attitude to help you do things you might not have thought you’d been capable of—on the track and off.  I’m not just teaching skills.  I’m teaching a PHILOSOPHY.

So how about we look at it as what it is…a ‘complete working system’.  Because to try to get a single piece of candy makes no sense, when you could actually, one day, OWN THE DAMN CANDY STORE!!!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

The new paint job was done and it was time to go into the details, such as to integrate the Ducati gas tank into the design. It was planned from the beginning, that we don’t want to mess with the beautiful design of the stock 1199R tank. The brushed silver and red was to blend into the new design.

My friend John Wolf does vinyl wraps to cars professionally, so for him this was a walk in the park. He extended two white stripes and one black piece over the gas tank, and that turned out pretty hot. The dynamic of the bike makes your eyes stuck to it.

We also customized our  sponsor stickers to one size and color, as well as I finally got a new design of my pro racing number ’36’. If you ever want something special and have somebody making it perfectly… then you need to see Diane and her Tokay Press company in Stockton, CA.

Headcoach Can Akkaya