Alright cornering students (11/18/) :-)
We have a ‘no matter what’ date to reschedule our class: December 2nd 2018
Please confirm quickly and try to move everything else out of your way and make it happen if necessary. Coffee is on me :-)
Stay positive and let’s have some fun together. Can’t wait to finally meet all of you.
Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp
I’m sad to have to announce that our class on Sunday 18th has to be rescheduled due to the air quality on Sunday. Don’t head out!
I’m waiting now for Sat/Sun dates which are close by to set this up for you ASAP. Thanks for understanding!
Headcoach Can Akkaya

It was another, highly dynamic Knee Down class last Saturday!

We’ve worked our butts off to make our students dreams finally come true. We didn’t achieve the same success rate of 18/21 this time, but 16/21 ain’t bad at all since there were even some riders who are actually haven’t been for long on bikes before.

We’re not just aiming for that particular goal only. Superbike-Coach knee down classes are a darn challenge, because we also go for entry, mid and exit corner speed and fix body positioning issues ON THE RUN. Means- even those 5 who ain’t got the damn knee down are going home with a whole lotta sack of knowledge and training.

I so loved everyone’s eager. Nobody gave up on themselves and I can’t be more proud for my crew Marion, Ben and Dean Lonskey, who took this fun shot of us which illustrates what kind of caliber our classes are… fun and efficient.

Around 2000 pictures are ready for FREE download for our students by mid of this week. Can’t wait to see them :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

I am happily announcing that we’ve made the final edits to our new trailer about our popular Cornering School program.

Special thanks to the team member Marion Akkaya, Dean Lonskey and Gary Lonskey. You guys have been motivated and dedicated to what we do in all those years. I can’t be more happy with a team like this and I am proud for what we do together. Enjoy the trailer:


Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

superbikecoach track days

Coach Akkaya ‘plays’ on his Ducati 1199R at Thunderhill West Raceway.

I wished I could put better into words what my team and I’ve seen at the Superbike-Coach Track Day at Thunderhill Raceway last Saturday (9/8/2018). We’ve seen riders who were riding with tons of respect for each other- holding back with a smile. For me, that goes before ‘lap times’, because attributes like respect, honor, loyalty and truth are getting quickly lost in competitive environments (and these days btw)! I ensure you… that’s not us and we leave this to others!

Can we do better?! For sure, because NOTHING in life is perfect, so we’ll keep working even harder to deliver what’s right.

I think that the pictures my photographers Michelle Tilley and Dean Lonskey have featured are telling the story. Over 4000 pictures are done soon… as usual absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. Till then… enjoy about 80 featured pictures upfront

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Superbike-coach cornering school day 2

We just finished another Cornering Day 2 class, and I am always surprised what kind of quantum jumps my students are taking.

Amazingly, they feel calmer, relaxed and actually “slower”. What they feel is the potential what they’ve been missing out for so long. Since Day 1, they went through lots of major subjects on and off the track: Body positioning, viewing technique, all types of lines, real counter steering, uber-steer, emergency braking, clutch less up shift, downshift pattern and gear choice… all of it in a logic order and designed for maximum learning effect. That’s it?!… No, there is even more to come- even things like Trail Braking.

I so love seeing their smiles when they finished their session and finally got it. That means the world to me!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp