I can’t put in words how happy I am to be back on Continental street and race tires, because these guys know their stuff. I mean… those Conti race tires are even hand-made actually, and every tire undergoes a solid inspection as it should be.

Back in Europe, long time after I’ve retired from pro-racing, when I started coaching- I was sponsored by Continental Germany. Now you might say ‘yea, he’s gotta say they are good’, but you’re making a mistake if this is holding you back from trying a set ones. Besides a extremely high grip level, these tires are consistent, predictable and giving plenty of feedback of an upcoming limit. That’s what I’ve liked the most. Costly? No, and the endurance of those tires is surprisingly high for a grip level like that.

Today I have plenty of choices, not just in regard compounds. Superbike, Supermoto, Dirt bike, Adventure bike… all covered with plenty of tire types within. Their portfolio covers everything which has a need for tires.

The state of the Art production line in Germany goes other- better ways then others. Their concept to manufacture 2-compound tires (MultiGrip) is way smoother and comes with less failure risks. The TractionSkin, a revolutionary new micro-rough tread surface, virtually puts an end to tire break-in.

German Ex-MotoGP rider Alex Hoffmann went to test Continental tires at Brno Circuit, CZ and he went pretty hard on them. Below his video, and I’ll come with one pretty soon as well.

Continental tires are solid, reliable and affordable. Give it a shot. You won’t regret it. Order your set: https://www.continental-tires.com/motorcycle

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Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Sorry, but due to the announced heavy rain for Sunday 3/3/2019, I’ll have to pull the plug and to reschedule the Body Positioning Class to 3/31/2019.

Yep, I know it sucks but when you consider that this procedure is hard to find anywhere else- that an entire track class just changes date for the good, then it might eases the pain. Nobody loses spot or admission fees.

Only with Superbike-Coach Corp!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp