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COVID-19 safety precautions at Superbike-Coach:

COVID-19 safety precautions at superbikecoach

We are introducing COVID-19 safety precautions at all Superbike-Coach classes for three main reasons:
1. Safety First
2. To share with you how we strive to take care of our students beyond the current guidelines
3. To be prepared — and to help you prepare— for the best classes.

We’d like to be a role model and we expect every participant to come with that same goal.

Here are the official guidelines by Gov. Newsom: “We think the most impactful thing we can do, short of going back to a stay-at-home order, is wearing face coverings and when we can’t, practicing physical distancing”.

The good news is- we CAN practice social distancing since we operate all SBC classes while riding separated on a track.  And our classroom is outdoors under a huge shed which allows us to spread out our small headcount of only about 30 people. All we need is some discipline from the group to follow these guidelines:

– At all times, it is the responsibility of every participant to either approach others covering their face and nose by wearing a mask/ bandana/ helmet- OR to stay away a distance of at least 6 feet.
– You must stay home if you feel sick- have temperature- or any other known Covid-19 symptoms.
– Wear rubber or comparable gloves. This is not required by state but it’s a smart way to protect yourself. If you don’t wear gloves, we recommend you wash or sanitize your hands after every classroom session.
– Bring your own pen which is needed during registration and in the classroom.
– If you have the opportunity to bring your own portable chair or stool- please do so.   This will help keep you comfortable and spread everyone out during classroom time.

– If you sit at one of our tables- use sanitizer to clean your area.   Don’t move around- stay in the same seats throughout the day.
– We always bring water in individual bottles. Mark/name your bottle after cleaning it with sanitizer.
– If you order lunch delivery-  we recommend you clean the boxes with sanitizer.
– We encourage every individual to point out any issue in regard Covid-19 protection and prevention when it arises, so that we can react immediately to fix it.

We do our part to protect you and ourselves as much as possible in an effort to make our classes as safe a place as any to learn.
– We disinfect our seating areas and tables, but you can use sanitizer as much as you need to keep your area clean.
– We’ll take the temperatures of every participants (and ourselves) upon arrival.

Here is the California announcement on wearing face coverings from the site

Face coverings required in public spaces

Cloth face coverings or masks help reduce the spread of coronavirus especially when combined with physical distancing and frequent hand washing. Starting June 18, Californians must wear face coverings in common and public indoor spaces and outdoors when distancing is not possible. Learn more about the guidance and limited exceptions here.

Thank you for working together with us to keep everyone safe!  I look forward to an excellent day with you learning riding skills!

Superbike-Coach Corp


Superbike-Coach is back. The county finally listened and let us reopen the Little 99 Raceway so that we can continue saving more lives as we could possibly risk (that was our punch line :-)

The Fairgrounds started cleaning the facility so that I’m hoping that they’re done within this week. I’ll inspect after all, but I don’t expect any delays here so that we can run our first “aftermath” cornering class on 6/28/2020.

Of course we’ll have to- and will- do this withing certain guidelines. We’ll handle this responsibly and smart.

I can’t put in words how much I’ve missed the connection to all my students, which is a huge factor of our programs.

Though, even though that super good news, it’s take a long time to stop the bleeding. This is because of lots of classes were loaded with riders when the mess kicked in, and they all have been moved to the next class and so on. We’ve been successful on our mission… nobody lost anything. We took all the beat, so that I am hoping to have a little support from you with the ongoing ‘Help us to help you’ fundraiser:

You also can help by signing up for our classes and you get to see what we’re all about. Take care, stay safe!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

After a long fight I finally have news for ya’ll. This hit us extremely hard after losing 9 classes already. The San Joaquin County is the problem and they will keep the lockdown on our track until July (that’s at least the good news).
As you know- time window for refunds is closed, but as I promised ya’ll will be transferred so that at least you guys have no losses. This is a pain in itself because there is only one more weekend scheduled for this year. I NEED YOU TO RESPOND to my email ASAP if you want us to transfer you there (Oct 17-18). As these dates fill up (first come- first serve!!!), I will create 3 additional dates for 2021 for you to pick. Please keep in mind though, that these new dates are ‘temporary’ and can change (going to be confirmed around Jan/Feb).
Nobody is more hurt about all this than me folks, and I am sorry that you have to go through this. But I also deeply hope you see what Superbike-Coach is all about… to help, to teach, and to have a hell of a time.
If you’d like to support our ‘comeback’, please have a look at the ‘Help us to help you’ fundraiser
Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp