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We will run this free student and donator ride out as promised. More than 150 already signed in for it and waiting, but we won’t be able to do this responsibly during a pandemic. Let’s wait and see how it all develops and so when we finally can have some fun with our ‘kids’.

Stay tune,


As usual, I want to describe scenes from professional racing. That doesn’t mean this is about racing and doesn’t apply to you, so go grab a beer and listen closely, cuz’ you get something for free from a professional…

For the most professional racers I know, and that included myself- EVERYTHING needs to be 100% in order. In the right place, at the right time, and in a complete routine. Only THEN it can channel positive energy to make the moment count and also to be ‘perfect’. The moment when your team leaves the starting grid and you are on your own. This routine literally restarts after a race- winding back/up for the next one. It doesn’t feel this way, but it’s there. While the racer goes for some Supermoto and lots of mountain biking… he already dials towards that moment of perfection next Sunday. He’s talking to his friends and laughs. It doesn’t feel like it, but it’s there. It has begun already. The bike gets prepared down to look at each bolt. The office works to organize travels for each member. The team arrives in the paddock and sets everything up. There is fun- lots of fun so that it doesn’t feel like it… but it’s there. Practice sessions- qualifying sessions and warm up… it surly feels different all the time, but all and everyone is following routines. A routine that chases perfection. Now you’re standing on your starting grid again. Warm up sign comes up and the pace car leaves, and so your team members. You are on your own and all you think- all you feel is “…everything is perfect. I am ready!”.

The finish flag falls and you are relieved for a couple of hours before it all restarts… the strive for perfection- for that particular moment.

It’s almost like a solid OCD isn’t it? But do you see what I am pointing out here? It all channels to ‘a perfect moment’. Nothing is perfect forever ones you or someone else decides to have ‘reached perfection’. But that’s something most of you are chasing… to be perfect forever. Nothing is perfect forever. There is always something better you could do or have done. There is always the next bike you want to have- the ice cream you eat- the helmet you wear. I could go on forever one this because this one goes in all live directions.

Let me tell you something which philosophy I decided to follow. Perfection is an illusion! Don’t ever decide to have reached perfection- cuz’ where to go when you’re there? Unless you have the urge of a professional racer to chase and to channel positive energy up to THAT MOMENT, which allows you to snap into the competitor you HAVE TO BE… for you my friends, I hope you never reach perfection.

Because the moment you think you did- that moment is dangerous because you stop searching, you stop striving. Your journey is over. Just make sure you keep that strive in a healthy balance with ‘fun’, because too much of chasing and the feel to never be ‘like that guy’ (or whatever you categorize to be perfect) can lead you right into dark rooms. I’ve been there, which is why I know. A room enriched with frustration, confidence breaking energies and not knowing where the f’n door is out of the darkness.

So don’t chase perfection, cuz’ you never reach it anyway. It’s a dilemma. Instead- enjoy your imperfections. Learn to laugh about yourself, because perfection means pressure! :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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To my cornering school graduates :)

Can’t tell you how proud I am for each one of you, and that’s mostly not because of the progress ya’ll made throughout the time I’ve seen ya… more because of ‘the change’ I’ve seen- you point of view- you have goals- you’re on a mission- you grew, maybe in many ways- you’re mentally stronger- your attitudes elevated- respect- love- passion!

Did you fully ‘arrive’?… No, and I hope for you that you never will, because this is the fuel for love and passion, isn’t it?!

The sad part for me is that I won’t see some of you again, but for those who want to repeat will be rewarded in many ways.

Now how about you finally wrap up a public review and let others know what they are missing out (Angie’s List, BBB, Google reviews, FB fan page , Yelp)! Proof that I am not wrong with you.

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If you don’t want to repeat CSD- you are qualified to do the Track Academy, Suspension Workshop & Track Time, Body Pos class, Knee Down and Wheelie classes. Keep having fun with Superbike-Coach and explore what else is in you and your hobby.

Thanks again for helping to surprise the shit out of Marion. Please upload your vids here. Share them on social medias as well as Dean’s featured pictures. The rest of it comes towards the end of this week.

So… I’ll never forget you and your personalities. You’re my kids now :-)

Stay loyal, proud and smart.

Your Coach!

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Can Akkaya, headcoach of the Superbike-Coach Corp, renews the proposal to his wife Marion during cornering school day 3 on Valentines Day. It was a huge surprise for her when all students began to surround her with revving engines. Superbike-Coach is family which you might only understand when joining our programs.