knee down class by superbikecoach

Of course not. How could it?! I mean… just because the knee puck is on the ground doesn’t mean you’re faster. How disappointing huh?!

Ones you got that knee dragging though… man… ya gonna feel like Superman. It’s a huge confidence boost and you’re in contact with the enemy.

But- it actually can cause you to be way slower by fooling you being fast at the same time. That’s what most Sportbike riders don’t even see. Subconsciously they are riding either on lines which gives them unreasonable lean ankle so that they finally get that knee down- or they overly stick their knee so far out that there is not much lean going on. Both lead to habits which extend the time of realization, unless they work with the right guy.

Another effect could kick in, and that is that the knee is stiff and pointy and turns to a ‘side stand’ which is in the way of leaning more. Ergo the rider runs way wide all the time and can’t get any faster.

Rule of thumb… the faster you go- the more lean you do. That is something dangerous though. I mean… with this, you could go out and keep pushing it while your eyes and brain are not ready yet. Additionally- your body positioning is in the way to allow that extra speed/lean. All this is the struggle which you don’t understand- or not knowing how to fix it.

So you waste lots of time watching video after video. You might have spend 5 grands in a racing school and do lots of track days… but still!

Yep, I know. I hate a sales pitch as much as you do, but it’s a fact… the Superbike-Coach Knee Down class is almost a given success. We teach you all the necessary body position Hocus Pocus. We’ll bring you step by step to the appropriate corner speed- from session to session. I make you kick the living shit out of our mini bike to get your Will up to where it has to be and you do all this in the right environment under constant professional guidance.

Last class success rate: 18 of 21 made it!

The Knee Down class on 7/9/2022 is filling up now. Go get your ticket and get free photography by Dean Lonskey and your meal paid by the Moto Lawyer Rafael Carrillo. Even the track fee is included.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Superbike-Coach suspension class

It would be ideal, but a professional racer doesn’t have to know how to setup suspensions and all what comes along with it. He has to know how to report symptoms though. Without it- his engineer doesn’t even know where to start. To find answers, the engineer has to know what questions to ask. Without knowing what to ask- the racer might not know what to look for.

See the struggle?! This is exactly where our ‘Workshop & Track Time‘ class goes. it literally covers both sides but without overwhelming you. The class overlooks the basics of the why/how’s of ergonomics, tires and pressure, geometry, and the suspension of course.

We, the Superbike-Coach team, are helping you to find the right settings to make your bike really yours. It goes way beyond this actually, because most of the time we’ll find issues with your bike you might never noticed or even adapted to. I can tell you frightening stories of what we could help to fix before things go down for the rider…

That’s not all. In-between every class session, you will go on our Little 99 Raceway to explore those settings, and learn to report for trouble shooting. The main goals are:

  • Confidence boost: easier operation
  • Better rider: understanding logic concepts
  • Gaining: More comfort for street riding
  • Safety or speed: More tire grip

Every rider/bike is welcome to join this for only $99, and that even includes free sport photography. Get your ticket for 10/25/2020 before it’s too late, because there are only a few spots left (full description and booking).

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Superbike Coach tested Rabaconda tire changer

We at Superbike-Coach have lots of motorcycle tires to swap. We have all kinds of school bikes- Supermoto, Superbikes, Touring and Adventure bikes, mini and race bikes. Rabaconda provided a prototype of their street bike tire changer so we could try out ourselves. Coach Can Akkaya and Dean Lonskey unboxed, installed and changed a tire pretty much in real time in this video. The Rabaconda tire changer will save a lot of money and waiting time getting tires swapped. It will pay off quick, so check it out.

rabaconda superbikecoachThe unit came from Estonia in Europe very quick, with way less weight and size as we use to know about DIY tire changers. Since Rabaconda send us the prototype (patent is undergoing), they couldn’t include any install instructions because they were not done by the time. So Dean and Coach took it as an additional challenge and had lots of fun with it.

Enjoy the video and see how easy it can be.

Superbike-Coach Corp



superbike coach corneringschool Feature Pics

We’re feeding the high demand by adding another Cornering Day 2 class to our calendar: 9/11/2022

We know about the problem that not all of our Day 1 graduates can find a Day 2 spot- or if they do, then it’s far out. So for those who already have a Day 2 spot- I would like to ask you to stick with it, especially if you also have a Day 3 spot already. That would help us, and those who are waiting for an additional Day 2 date way longer than you.

So, I hope ya’ll take advantage of it and that I’ll get to see you on 9/11/2022 for Cornering Day 2.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp