Superbike-Coach Cornering School Day 3

We are feeding the demand with additional Cornering Day 3 class because due to all those rain reschedules, we’ve lost 2 cornering dates, one of them was a Day 3 class. Under pain we’ve decided to surrender a Knee Down class date and turn 7/15/2023 to an additional Cornering Day 3 class.


Heeadcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

superbikecoach track day
OK guys, here is a booking status for our Track Day at Thunderhill Raceway on 8/27/. Please make an early booking as this one will book up soon:
B+: 18 spots left
B: 15 spots left
C: 13 spots left
This is a track day beginner orientated event- our fun event where about 90% of students (other programs) come together. A whole lotta different respect level here. Come join us: