Our wheelie machine made it all the way though the heat, just like my boy Mark Stewart​ and Wayne Steele there.
Outstanding job and 101% committed. So did Marion Akkaya​, Christian Baird​, Nick Baker​, Dean Lonskey​ and Lindsey Alexander​.
We gave it all we had that day. A virtual applause goes to those students who took the challenge and stand tall at a 107 Fahrenheit.

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Superbike-Coach is proud partner of BrakeTech USA. All of our school bikes are running with their parts and pads for many good reasons. The Ferodo Motorcycle Division, headquartered at the Federal Mogul advanced engineering Special Products Plant in Mondovi, Italy, is an integral component of the Motorcar Racing cell.

All aspects of development and testing are performed at this single site with the worlds most advanced computer controlled dynamometers and test facilities. Non-stop R & D and a coveted close association with major World Factory Race Teams is the key towards continued dominance in Racing and high performance friction materials for most demanding enthusiasts. BrakeTech USA, Inc. is the North American technical liaison, importer and distributor of Ferodo Racing products.

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Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp


This is might controversial to you, but I literally get to experience a phenomenon every week- not just with riders I don’t know, but also and mainly with students. It obviously doesn’t apply to all of you, but to a big percentage for sure.

So here is ‘Joe’ who is signed up for his very first track day. Joe did some schooling and has a lot of riding experience. His visions, wish-thinking and especially expectations of how he’s gonna look like during that track day are astronomical. The same goes for hundreds of my own students, who went through a lot of hands-on and real life coaching. Most of them did it all- cornering programs, knee down classes, and 1on1’s. Also here… visions, wish-thinking and especially expectations towards their first ever track day at ‘the big track’.

The expectations of/in themselves and especially in what they’ve learned, will probably lead them right into confusion and frustration, and that will cause them to question that what they’ve learned was good or right. Some will start pushing their limits and crash- some won’t come back to finish their schooling. At this point you might smile and think that I am worried to ‘lose them’. I can tell you that I am worried to lose them to foolishness. Not more- not less.

So I am extremely confident in what these guys have learned and I am truly not looking for excuses… they are at the end of their first track day. The actual problem is though, that their expectations are STILL beyond their capabilities. That’s just one point. Another one is, that they are dropped off into a boxing ring. There will be passing all over them, which is something a brain has to get use to. Additionally, the pace they gonna make is way beyond they ever been and the track they are on is way wider.

There is a lot you do not know yet. You are only totally overwhelmed, so that you might can’t put to action what you’ve learned. This is fooling you quickly!

I remember one kid at this point. He had a blast during cornering day 1 and he made a quantum jump forward with his abilities. He came to me and said that he can’t wait to get into day 2. Till then, he got himself a new bike and went to a track day. Naturally, pretty much everyone was faster than him and he very likely was all over the place which is probably why he crashed. Finally day 2 arrived and I already felt a distanced student there. He already looked frustrated and wasn’t really ‘attending’. First turns into the first track session, I saw him overly pushing already. It didn’t take long from there for him to crash.

I had a lot of talks with him from there, just to understand what happened to him. It was like talking to a different person- to someone who lost faith and trust in what he had learned. Someone who is more frustrated than confused. He actually started talking to other riders, expecting that they can help. How can they, when they don’t understand neither what the actual problem is, nor to know what the fix is?! Then it was on me to tell him what I am thinking the issue is, but held back, cuz’ he might only sees it as a desperate attempt to not to lose him.

Trust me… I don’t want to even look this way and I actually think he is a loss already because he ‘likes to think’ that this is a good excuse. This is some deep shit, you know?!

So… for the rest of you going into your first track day… It is not about what you’ve learned. It will be all about being totally overwhelmed. It will narrowing your vision because you are STILL far away from being in control of distraction and fears. It is because of high speed and passing’s you’ve never experienced. You might still believe that this is all about balls and that sticking to track days does the rest…

Don’t be a fool!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp