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My name is Can, and I´m a Motorcycle Racer in former days. Now I am a book author, columnar, Racing Instructor and a professional Rider Coach. Since November 2008 I live in California, USA.


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A new racing season will start very soon

Very soon… …the racers getting out of the ‘winter silence’ and come back into the light. The draft-carousel has slowing down, and hopefully everybody has a safe seat for the new racing season. The best seats in this little elitist world are long gone of course… quite rightly. Tcha, and the off-season of the elite […]


Coach’s Viewpoint

Honestly, I was shocked when I first came to America to make my dream come true.  You ask why? Well, the first time I commuted from the East Bay to San Francisco on a motorcycle, I was confronted with California’s laws and rules of the road. Furthermore, I had new experiences to process with lane […]


Definition Of The Ideal Line

Let’s find it out… In racing sports, the racing line is the route the vehicle must take in order to minimize the time taken to complete the course. When analyzing a single corner, the optimum line is one that minimizes the time spent in the corner and maximizes the overall speed (of the motorcycle) through […]

Just another new year resolution

Just a new year resolution New year is here… oh hold on, racers think in ‚racing seasons‘ actually… you don’t become old that way you know.  It’ll just reminds you that you have something like an „expiration date“, especially as a pro. Time is a factor in many ways in racing. However, the Christmas food […]


3rd of November

The 3rd of November 2008 was the date on our one-way flight tickets from Frankfurt to San Francisco. That’s the date on which Marion, Jill and I waved our friends goodbye, and on which we hugged our parents with tears flowing.  It’s the date on which Jill just was 4 years old and did not […]