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Student & Donator Ride Out Was A Blast

Pandemic and lock downs got in the way, but Superbike-Coach could finally turn over what’s been promised for a long time. The SBC team of Marion, Chris, Mark, Wayne, Dean and myself delivered so that this free student and donator ride out was such a blast that we decided to plan such (or other) get-togethers […]

Rider Passenger Class Rescheduled

Unfortunately I have to make a decision in regard to your Rider Passenger Class. We’ll have to move this class from 9/16/ to 11/21/ in order to cover the high demand for Cornering Day 1 classes. Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Superbike-Coach Spot Situation

I know it isn’t easy to find class spots at Superbike-Coach right now. We are banging on all cylinders actually. Pretty much all classes are booked up- or about to. Waiting lists are bursting already. Actually, when considering that this is all based on word-of-mouth and is like this since the last 8 years! Anyways, […]