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A&S Motorcycles has your back

So ‘Indy’ came up with something when I did that road skill at Lake Tahoe last week. He started misfiring and lacking throttle response. he kinda was in a bad mood all day. Then around noon- loss of mid range power by at least 50%. No lights, no warnings, nothing. Electronics on those modern Ducatis […]

Apocalypse cornering class

Our first “Apocalypse cornering class” last Sunday was truly tricky for us. The SBC team put all effort and time into the safety of our students, and our selves of course. We’ve disinfected pretty much everything one could get in touch with. Taking temps from each one was a no brainer for us. Social distancing […]

COVID-19 safety precautions during Superbike-Coach classes

COVID-19 safety precautions at Superbike-Coach: We are introducing COVID-19 safety precautions at all Superbike-Coach classes for three main reasons: 1. Safety First 2. To share with you how we strive to take care of our students beyond the current guidelines 3. To be prepared — and to help you prepare— for the best classes. We’d like to […]

Virus Lockdown Finally Lifted

Finally! Superbike-Coach is back. The county finally listened and let us reopen the Little 99 Raceway so that we can continue saving more lives as we could possibly risk (that was our punch line :-) The Fairgrounds started cleaning the facility so that I’m hoping that they’re done within this week. I’ll inspect after all, […]

Covid-19 cancellations: Knee/Wheelie classes

After a long fight I finally have news for ya’ll. This hit us extremely hard after losing 9 classes already. The San Joaquin County is the problem and they will keep the lockdown on our track until July (that’s at least the good news). As you know- time window for refunds is closed, but as […]