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Does dragging knee make faster?

Of course not. How could it?! I mean… just because the knee puck is on the ground doesn’t mean you’re faster. How disappointing huh?! Ones you got that knee dragging though… man… ya gonna feel like Superman. It’s a huge confidence boost and you’re in contact with the enemy. But- it actually can cause you […]

Suspension Workshop On A Race Track

It would be ideal, but a professional racer doesn’t have to know how to setup suspensions and all what comes along with it. He has to know how to report symptoms though. Without it- his engineer doesn’t even know where to start. To find answers, the engineer has to know what questions to ask. Without […]

DIY Motorcycle Tire Changer by Rabaconda

We at Superbike-Coach have lots of motorcycle tires to swap. We have all kinds of school bikes- Supermoto, Superbikes, Touring and Adventure bikes, mini and race bikes. Rabaconda provided a prototype of their street bike tire changer so we could try out ourselves. Coach Can Akkaya and Dean Lonskey unboxed, installed and changed a tire […]

The Moto Lawyer donates motorcycle to Superbike-Coach

I was quite surprised when Rafael Carrillo (Carrillo Law Center Stockton) announced that he’ll be donating a motorcycle to Superbike-Coach last week. I can’t put in words what this means to us, the entire Superbike-Coach team, because this additional bike will make things for us easier on multiple levels. Rafael and his wife Yazmin running […]