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The thing about progress for motorcycle riders

If you do something- you progress. If you like what you are doing there- you progress faster. If you like, and have the goal to progress- you’ll progress more and fast. It’s as simple as that. Why does it take so long with motorcycle riding and especially racing?… because of possibilities of breaking things, getting […]


Superbike-Coach Announces Its 2023 Schedule

Press Release, 1/2/2023 Sacramento, CA – January 2023 Superbike-Coach Corp announced its 2023 class schedule today. The popular riding school has upped the stakes to include new benefits and offers to their street- and track day rider students. Superbike-Coach Corp provides sport photography by Dean Lonskey free of charge at all classes and events. And, […]

How To Setup A Motorcycle Suspension

There are lots of misunderstandings about how to setup a motorcycle suspension setup. I’ve seen questionable work from even supposed specialists. Those specialists make riders believe that one click on the front rebound could lower lap times by 7 seconds. I’ve really experienced this. Stuff like this is totally off reality of course, especially as […]