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Superbike-Coach Announces Its 2021 Schedule

Sacramento, CA – January 2021 Superbike-Coach announced its 2021 class schedule today. The popular riding school has upped the stakes to include new benefits and offers to their students and track day riders, and welcomes about 1500 riders per year from all over the world. Superbike-Coach provides sport photography by Dean Lonskey free of charge […]

Happy New Year In Many Ways!

I just can’t wait to get Superbike-Coach started in 2021. Actually… when I consider what we’ve done meanwhile to even have a fresh start… holy cow! Lot’s of bikes had to be repaired and maintained- new ideas and teaching methods implemented and a class schedule had to be created and arranged with all partners and […]

Two More Teeth

You guys remember my article ‘Motorcycle Sprocket Job: More Power‘? That’s where this one extends it a little. So finally time has come that I can also ramp up the game on our Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro Pro. When it’s time for a new chain- that’s also a good time to make these upgrades, and […]