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Getting Lost in Electronic Riding Aids

I remember testing one of the first Traction Control systems coming out, and it was horrible. Back then, a TC prevented any rear wheel spin immediately. Not in a smooth way, but almost like a light-switch type shut off. That might have helped a less experienced rider, but for those who operating the throttle on […]

Superbike-Coach Christmas Gift Certificates

If you maybe looking for an idea for a Christmas present… our Gift Certificates are available now. We can make a nice print out for you which you can pass on, and we help him/her to safely come back home :-) We have several packages to pick from here: https://superbike-coach-gift-certificates-shirt-online-shop.fwscart.com/Gift_Certificates/cat4356489_3548911.aspx Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Headcoach Can […]