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2024 Schedule for Cornering program is up

The 2024 schedule for our most popular program, the Cornering School days 1-3 are up and going on the website. Hope to see you there. Cornering School – Day 3, at Little 99 Raceway on 12/03/2023, 1 spots are left, $189.00 Cornering School – Day 1, at Little 99 Raceway on 01/14/2024, 23 spots are left, $189.00 Cornering School […]


Superbike-Coach proudly presents Qstarz

Superbike-Coach is proud partner of the Qstarz International Co., Ltd. Qstarz brought GPS & Bluetooth technology into the consumer mainstream. Qstarz is funded with a mission to accelerate wide-spread consumer application of GPS & Bluetooth technology by delivering high-performance leading edge solution that powers GPS-enabled devices. Their R&D team has created wide range super-sensitive Bluetooth GPS products, GPS mice, Car Navigator, […]

Understanding Motorcycle Fatalities: Causes, Consequences, and Countermeasures

Motorcycle fatalities represent a significant public health concern globally. The allure of freedom and adventure on two wheels often overshadows the inherent risks associated with motorcycles. In this essay, we delve into the complex issue of motorcycle fatalities, exploring their causes, consequences, and potential countermeasures to mitigate this tragic trend. I. Causes of Motorcycle Fatalities […]

A&S Motorcycles in Roseville could fix my baby

Straight up… Ducati’s are divas. My 2014 Panigale 1199 is not just that. She’s also a drama queen. That goes from tire choice to suspension settings and finding the right sprocket ratios. She is loud, mean, and a machine which needs a hand. Extremely physical to ride, especially on roads. This is why I only […]

The Pursuit of Stopping Power

When I talk about braking- I am not talking about picking up a six pack at a gas station for sure. There is extreme heat, G-forces and wining tires! You also need to know that I’m a ‘burned child’ in regard brakes. In all the years of riding and racing, I’ve had three major front […]