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Superbike-Coach proudly presents BrakeTech USA

Superbike-Coach is proud partner of BrakeTech USA. All of our school bikes are running with their parts and pads for many good reasons. The Ferodo Motorcycle Division, headquartered at the Federal Mogul advanced engineering Special Products Plant in Mondovi, Italy, is an integral component of the Motorcar Racing cell. All aspects of development and testing […]

Knee Down and Body Positioning classes migrated

The knee down classes are with me almost ever since I started Superbike-Coach programs in the USA. This class was designed for those riders who suppose to know a view things already, but still struggle to drag that knee. I always saw it like the last instance to ‘get it finally done’, just like when […]

It’s time to secure spots

Man, what an outstanding time we’ve had with our students at the knee and wheelie classes last weekend, and our new wheelie machine bike took the beat. We also made a major change which we put to the test. We migrated the Knee & Body Positioning class. I always felt both programs needed improvement. Now […]