Ducati Upgrade 7b

…couldn’t wait any longer to let you guys hear ‘Cleopatra’. After all the mods to the exhaust system (stage 7a) has been done- I moved forward and installed everything. Now… the video doesn’t really reflect what was going on in that garage. The microphone can not catch all those octaves and the pressure wave this thing is pushing out. I can’t wait to get it on the track on 8/5/ (where I still have some spots left btw: https://www.superbike-coach.com/…/track-day-thunderhill-wes…). Come and feel it yourselves…

Headcoach Can Akkaya

Ducati Update 7a:

I’m hitting the finish line with the updates which I wanted to get done for the Superbike-Coach track day at Thunderhill West Raceway on 8/5/- so next Saturday.

First off… I am not willing to spend AT LEAST $4000 for a full exhaust system- nor about $2000 (!) for slip on mufflers (there is clearly that “Ducati” thang going on if you can follow me here). Yes I know it’s weight reduction, but A) wait and see, and B) you might wanna know what my test for a German magazine turned as we put 2 R1’s on the Assen TT Circuit to compare.
So based on my experience (which could be different than your opinion), I decided to stick with the stock headers and to ‘core’ the mufflers because they are a major bottle neck and heavy as a Smart car. Let me walk you through.

I took off the entire system to brush it clean. The exhaust flap in the Y-piece was easily removed and the hole got closed flush with a bolt. The exup servo motor becomes senseless and will be replaced with a 50 bux ESE-Eliminator so that the computer thinks… ‘all good’

At the same time I’ve removed the California EVAP canister (the smog block off plates and all the hoses and whatnot will be removed later). That’s a good number on the weight scale already, but what I could get out of those mufflers… holly crap
See the pic of the open box and the stuff in there?… that got all removed (cat and db eater, etc) and nicely welded up again- finished with a mesh. Weight reduction: 1.4 kg only on the mufflers, so about 4 pounds, and a db gain of X (video is about to come).

Cost on this one… almost non. After a map flash, there will be more peek power and the sound will melt your face!!!

Headcoach Can Akkaya

I did some cosmetics… put fancy rim stickers on. Yea really… in gold

Shut up and just take it, cuz’ I love them. Wait until you see the entire thang
I got a brand new Lithium battery from BikeMaster, and I couldn’t wait to show you what difference it makes. That little power pack takes over the place of a chemical loaded heavy weight battery. I’ve put it on a scale, and it doesn’t even makes half the weight. Only 775g (deal with the metrics!), vs 2400g (another 48 are going to that tender cable I took out)!!! So about 3.5 ponds less to swing around all day. That is huge and it cranks right on! BikeMaster has them for almost all bikes: https://bikemaster.com/batteries/lithium-ion-batteries.html

Furthermore I installed a new carbon front fender which sits so snug on it that I am worried about those tire warmers which i want to use at my track day on 8/5/ at Thunderhill. I mean… look how tight it is to the rotor.

Headcoach Can Akkaya

The one sided swing arm of the Panigale hosts the rear brake rotor and the sprocket carrier (which gets its own post later). I’ve replaced the rotor with a way lighter one and the brake pads to Bikemaster sinter metal pads. This stuff is affordable and never lets you down. At that point I’ve checked on the wheel alignment to see if the swing arm is bend. That went well so I can move on to center the two sprockets for a flawless chain run (next update)

Headcoach Can Akkaya

Ducati Update 3

Some stuff around the swing arm and rear sets has been done. A carbon cover for the looks (the tire huger goes soon), and the toe protector makes truly sense. Rear shock pos changed to ‘flat’, and preload adjusted (gotta get familiar with the electronic setting system though). The rear sets journey was interesting. The challenge… to keep the expensive, but hell of smooth Ducati ‘PULL’ quickshifter- BUT use it in a MotoGP shift pattern system. Funny is, that Ducati offers a 4 page long description to just turn this around on the stock rear sets- but doesn’t even mention that a ‘PUSH’ quickshifter would be necessary. Thats about 300 bux extra, and I go… no. So I went to see if there are rear sets which allowing all kinds of constellations in the leverage to keep the pull shifter. I found a nite set in China for 120 bux incl shipping and they work smooth as hell. The pegs are quite short though, so i had to find washers which allow me to adjust their length a bit. What I extremely like with these rear sets is that they are fully adjustable since the stock sets are way to far in the back and making tired real quick. Those going all in the front and up… as I was use to on my prototype race bikes :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya

Ducati Update 2

Unfortunately it needs a license plate to run this bike on some public roads, cuz’ I’ll use it to teach Road Skill 1on1 students. So, since the ugly and way to heavy holder is out… I’ve build my own fender eliminator with a few simple things: The license plate, a piece of Lowes aluminum sheet, and a plate light from BikeMaster Products. The cost… about 10 bux!!!

Headcoach Can Akkaya

Ducati Update 1

I got a custom paint job on the way (the boring Ferrari image red dress gotta go!). Till it comes in, I’ve made some mods to the bike which 1) look better (for my taste), and 2) saving weight. I absolutely HATED that high/black windshield and replaced it with a shield from a friend until mine is coming. The mirrors got replaced by cheap SSR block off plates.

The shock cover is carbon now, and the heavy gas cap got replaced by a $19 (!!!) CNC machined gas cap which I believe looks bad ass. I am happy now that I couldn’t sell my brand new Hyperpro RCS steering damper I had left from the R1 project… because the Ohlins damper was not working at all. Now I have 24 position getting satisfied with.