Featuring TechSpec Gripster Tank Grips


Yep, you might think we do this because TechSpec is our sponsor- but the reason they are is that we believe in their product as riders which each of my SBC staffs are. We’re all using them on our school- AND personal bikes!

I met founder and inventor of the Gripster Tank Grips, Dean Davis, in 2011 when Superbike-Coach was just 2 years old. We took our bikes for a fun ride in the Foothills. Dean is one of those kids who love what they do and are passionate for motorcycles. He developed something which is useful for all types and categories of riders. See why we’re matching?! He believes in what we do- and I believe in what he does.

Straight up… I was skeptical when I was about to try those Gripsters the first time, because I actually like the smoothness around the gas tank and not to be restricted by some sticky stuff. That flu away in no time, because the weight of advantages dropping the scale on the positive side. I had to adjust.

When I did, I needed less lag strength to keep my but in the rear (I use to squeeze knee in the tank even going straight). Also the ‘hold on to it’ under hard braking goes much easier, cuz’ I didn’t slide forward as much. That keeps center gravity low- ergo- I can brake harder and more precisely (and later on the track :-). These were my first impressions with them, but there is more down the road:

  • Tank Gripsters protect your expensive paint
  • They come easy off if needed without residues
  • Gives the bike custom look
  • Not wearing out your gear like other products do

Do they wear out?… yes, and that’s good, because other products make your riding gear look old damn quick. I personally prefer to replace my Gripster Tank Grip, instead of f’n up my custom Moto-Gear racing suit folks!

This is one of a few good upgrades you can do to your bike which doesn’t delete your bank account and which really makes sense in many ways. Go get some :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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