Learn How To Drag Knee

You give everything, but you still can’t get your knee down on the ground?! This is your opportunity to learn it with the Superbike-Coach! Knee dragging is the most exciting thing, and it gives you the self-confidence you are looking for. Don’t wait… we only have one Knee Down event per year!

DSCF6915Don’t think it is just a question about the “right” equipment… it isn’t. Actually, it’s possible with nearly every motorcycle. Where do you want to learn it? Alone on a race track, just to find out that you feel scared, too fast, and lost in between faster bikes and riders? Or on the road, where it is too dangerous, and tight?  No… you need a safe environment, lot’s of like-minded riders around you, and a Coach who knows what he is talking about.

What you are going to get

  • Safe environment

  • Legal knee dragging

  • Lots of time to learn it

  • Pro coaching

  • Ability to learn on your own bike and on our easy to handle bike.

  • Pressure free and like-minded students

  • Class duration about 6-7 hours

…don’t try to argue with Coach or give excuses, cause you’ll get put in check real quick!- Jeff Murillo, Knee Down class


How it works

Your Superbike-Coach Knee Down class starts at 10:00am to an estimated end time of about 4:00pm. You will learn useful drills out of Racing and tons of information on our small race track. We show you the lines through the turns and visioning the way.

Body positioning and how to use physical aspects to your advantage doing Hanging-Off. The training is very effective and will increase your confidence, awareness of road and environment conditions, and personal and bike control. With all of this, and the continuous personal attention you’ll receive from your coach… you’ll drag knee.

Free Sport Photography

Superbike-Coach wants to make sure that you have an unforgettable experience. So as good as we can, we take pictures and high definition videos of you dragging the knee, which you will get for a FREE download. Our mini-bike is ready for it.

What else?

For people with a long travel- or don’t want to use the own bike- we have a rental knee bike for only $190. Most riders, especially from far away, are also taking the Wheelie Course the day after the knee down class. Just add this option in the booking process.

Both, the Knee Down and the Wheelie Course the next day are always quickly booked out. You better make plans and a booking pretty soon!
admission fee $169
  • Knee Down Ticket
    Knee Down class fee $169, click to check availability

    Ideal line

    Viewing technique

    Body positioning

    Including track fees

    No track experience required

    No bike preparation necessary

Beneficial for ‘Just licensed’ Riders
Beneficial for ‘Novice’ Riders
Beneficial for ‘Intermediate’ Riders
Beneficial for ‘Advanced’ Riders


We can help you out. Rent one of our pool bikes which are coming with gas, race tires, and transport. The fee is $190. A optional damage protection plan of about $85 (covers you to max $700 in damage, no matter how bad it is). Of course you can bring a cheaper 3rd party rental, but you won’t have that insurance, and no transportation to our track. Just opt it in the booking process.

General Waivers & Rules

Waiver Track Rules

Additional course

Superbike-Coach Wheelie Course smallExtend your learning journey with Superbike-Coach and learn how to do wheelies the next day. Just opt it in your booking process for the knee down class.

Goodies by our sponsors

As a Superbike-Coach student, you’ll have access to discounts which are donated by our Sponsors and Partners. Go on their websites to check exactly what you want. Come back to us, and we make it happen: office@superbike-coach.com

Course related bike products

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Entrant discretion is advise: Our classes are taught up front, honest, and possibly ‘in your face’ approach. We try as much as we can, however, some of the language used could be ‘uncomfortable or offensive’ to some. Also, hard as criticism may be given, praise is just as quick and powerful. We believe you deserve a very honest approach and every word said is ‘from the heart’ to help improve and motivate. If you feel this is too harsh, then this program might be not a match for you.